Kona Week, October 2015

Welcome to Kona week! 

Rinny and I are settled into our temporary home here and in final preparations for the IRONMAN World Championship on Saturday. Many of my sponsors are here as well to meet the athletes who have come to trust and depend on the products they provide. I'm excited to race this year and I would like to thank everyone for your support leading up to the Big Show!

My Kona schedule is below, feel free to catch me on Breakfast with Bob or at one of my partner appearances at the IRONMAN Village Expo. Until then...

Stay humble, stay hungry!


Kona Week Schedule for TO
Please come to any/all the events!

Tuesday, October 6th - 10:30 HAST
Breakfast with Bob
Huggos on Ali'i Drive
Be part of the live studio audience!

Tuesday, October 6th - 1:00 pm HAST
Autograph Session with Aqua Sphere
IRONMAN Village Expo


Tuesday, October 6th - 5:15 pm HAST
Autograph Session at Newton Booth
IRONMAN Village Expo

Wednesday, October 7th - 5:00 pm HAST 
CLIF House on Ali'i Drive

Friday, October 9th - All Day
GARMIN Instagram Takeover 
follow me @GarminFitness

Saturday, October 10th - 6:25 am HAST
Kona IRONMAN World Championship 
Kailua Pier 

2015 Race Results and Schedule


Subaru Mooloolaba 5i50 Triathlon
March 14Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Australia
IM 70.3 Brazil
IM 70.3 Latin American Championship
April 5Brasilia, Brazil
IM Brazil
IM Latin American Championship 


May 31Florianopolis, Brazil
IM 70.3 Vineman 


July 12Sonoma County, CA 
IM 70.3 Timberman


August 16Gilford, NH
IM World Championship


October 10Kona, HI

Trek Kona Bike Preview

Note:  Don't worry the flag isn't backwards! In the military, it's customary for the Stars to lead the way into battle and they'll be leading the way for me when I go into battle on the Queen K!

Stay tuned for full gallery of bike photos on triathlete.com.

Pear Sports

Pleased to be in partnership with Pear Sports bringing real-time coaching and feedback to you. Learn more at PearSports.com and look for our shirts at Kona!


How I Train - #yurbuds #IMKONA #CanYouKona

Articles & Interviews 

17 Reasons You're Not Getting Faster

By Julia Beeson Polloreno and Bethany Leach Mavis

September 3, 2015

2. You're not drinking enough coffee.

Your Instagram feed is likely flooded with photos of triathletes paying homage to their beloved mid-ride espresso, and science explains why it's not just about the pretty foam art. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, studies suggests that caffeine improves performance during both endurance exercise and high-intensity, short efforts in the lab. Pro Timothy O'Donnell uses caffeine "religiously" in his training and racing. He starts his training day with a jolt of java but warns against depending too heavily on caffeine for energy. "I used to rely on coffee in the afternoons before second (or third or fourth) sessions but found that to be a slippery slope," says O'Donnell, who switches to decaf after 1 p.m. "If I needed coffee to get through those sessions then I was probably too tired to do them properly and was forcing myself into overtraining." But on race day, caffeine is central to O'Donnell's fueling plan. In an Ironman, he alternates gels between caffeine-free CLIF Shots and double espresso (100 milligrams of caffeine) CLIF Shots on the bike and uses Salt Stick caps with caffeine and will also drink Coke toward the end of the ride. On the run, it's more Coke and caffeinated citrus CLIF Shots. Training-and racing-with caffeine is something you'll want to fine-tune, though, to keep GI distress at bay.

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