August 2015

At IRONMAN 70.3 Timberman,
with my older brother Thomas who brought me into the sport

We are entering the final weeks of preparation for the 2015 Kona IRONMAN World Championship on October 10. For me, and also probably for you if you enjoy this sport as a competitor, it's been a full race season already. Now, more than ever, we look to our families and supporters for that extra bit of energy and belief that will keep us training and racing strong through those important A races left to come!


We could not enjoy this sport as fully without the help of others: the spouses, family members, and friends who offer encouragement; the race sherpas and cheerers; the coaches and massage therapists; the bike mechanics and logistics coordinators; and others too numerous to include. As professionals we rely on our sponsors and top equipment to show the best of what is possible on the race course. 


Below you will see announcements for new products and events from Aqua Sphere, CLIF, and Garmin, who continue to innovate to bring greater enjoyment and higher performance to the sport.


I wish you well as you finish out your race season. When you toe the line, the slate is wiped clean, and it's a new day, new experience, and a new race. Bring your best!


Stay humble, stay hungry!

IRONMAN 70.3 Timberman
2nd - 3:51:29

Race recaps:Potts, Naeth Victorious Against Tough Field At Ironman 70.3 Timberman, by Liz Hichens, August 16, 2015 for Triathlete.com

Potts, Naeth Tear it Up in Timberman, by Jennifer Ward Barber, August 17, 2015, for Ironman.com.

with my parents, Gerard and Barbara

2015 Race Results and Schedule

(schedule subject to change)


Subaru Mooloolaba 5i50 Triathlon
March 14Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Australia
IM 70.3 Brazil
IM 70.3 Latin American Championship
April 5Brasilia, Brazil
IM Brazil
IM Latin American Championship 


May 31Florianopolis, Brazil
IM 70.3 Vineman 


July 12Sonoma County, CA 
IM 70.3 Timberman


August 16Gilford, NH
IM World Championship


October 10Kona, HI

Garmin HRM Swim and HRM Tri

Train and compete with more heart than ever before with HRM Swim and HRM Tri, heart rate monitors designed to track underwater. Enhance your triathlon experience by pairing HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim with Forerunner 920XT for a much more unified approach to training and racing. The non-slip HRM-Swim is perfect for pool swimming with wall push-offs. On land, in open water and for racing, use HRM-Tri's ultra-soft strap that's as comfortable out of water as it is underwater. Both store and forward heart rate data to Forerunner 920XT. 

Aqua Sphere Polarized Kayenne Goggle


Polarized lens reduces glare and increases contrast, making it ideal for swimming outdoors.


Articles & Interviews 



CLIF Bar CykelSkramble
September 26, 2015

CLIF Bar is putting the CLIF Bar CykelScramble on September 26 in San Rafael, CA. It's a totally awesome festival and bike relay race with obstacles and other crazy other crazy stuff where anything can happen and probably will.
  • There will be 3 competition classes for all ability levels
  • FOUR riders. ONE bike. Team themes are encouraged!
  • 100% free for participants and spectators
For more info or to register >> www.cykelscramble.com

The next generation of triathletes! This young fan named Timothy
is looking fast in his new kit (and he has a fast name)!

As the Kona training ramps up (along with the temperature outside) it's nice to have FuelBelt with me to stay hydrated! Its also nice to let people know who is passing them when I run by ;-)


Congratulating CLIF CEO Kevin Cleary for his IRONMAN 70.3 Vineman finish.

Thank you to Boulder Brands for this delicious selection of 
Udi's Gluten Free and Glutino products! Great food, great fuel! 




Interviewed on the massage table by Josh Shadle.
Listen to this second episode of the Fuelary podcast.

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