MAY 2015
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June 7
Escape from Alcatraz

June 20 
IRONMAN 70.3 Luxembourg

July 26
IRONMAN 70.3 Calgary

August 29
IM 70.3 World Championship

October 4
IRONMAN 70.3 Silverman

October 24
Challenge Ixtapa

November 15
Challenge Florida

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In triathlon, and life in general, there are many voices. Everyone has opinions on how to master three sports at various distances on a particular day. The formula can be so complicated to crack. 


In my first two races this year I struggled with putting together a complete race on the day I needed to. Training has been going well, but it was disappointing to be unable to show that at my first two races. 


I am fortunate to have a small circle of people who I trust, communicate with, and am loyal to that I turn to when I hit a speed bump. After consulting with them and making a few changes I was able to turn things around and get the win in St. Croix 70.3. Without my support team of family, friends, and sponsors, I would not be able to do what I do. 


So THANK YOU!     



2015 Race Schedule
4thApril 19
IRONMAN 70.3 New Orleans
1stMay 3
IRONMAN 70.3 St. Croix
 June 7
Escape from Alcatraz
 June 20
IRONMAN 70.3 Luxembourg
  July 26
IRONMAN 70.3 Calgary
  August 29
IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship
  October 4
IRONMAN 70.3 Silverman
  October 24
Challenge Ixtapa
  November 15Challenge Florida

Racing Update


So far in 2015 I have competed in 3 Ironman 70.3 events. I started off in Monterrey, MX, then to New Orleans, LA, and finally I just got home from St. Croix, VI.


My first race in Monterrey resulted in a very disappointing DNF. I woke up sick with a cold the morning after arriving. I wanted to try and race atleast so I stayed positive and got to the start line. I had a great swim, a very slow T1 and an even slower first lap of the bike. It was clear I shouldn't be racing so I decided to end my race half way through the bike. This was my first time DNF-ing (besides once when I flatted in an ITU race). I felt like a loser and I was embarrassed. I had high expectations for this race because my training was going so well. This is one reason that triathlon as a profession is stressful. Half the battle is getting to the line healthy. You can be the fittest and most prepared athlete in the world but if you are sick or injured on race day then there goes your opportunity.


The second race was 4 weeks later in New Orleans. My preparation leading up to the race was once again pretty consistent and I was eager to race after being sick in Mexico.  I had a good swim again coming out in the lead with another woman, I led off the bike, and was running in first until mile 9 on the run. I felt pretty terrible getting off of the bike and from T2 I knew it was going to be a death march. I was passed by 3 women in the last 4miles and ended the day in 4th place. The race was another disappointment. My run is what I consider my strength and I had no idea why I was so bad. I came back to Boulder and immediately consulted with Dave (my coach) and Robert Kunz at First Endurance. Together, they came up with a new nutrition plan for my next race in St. Croix. I also worked with Dave and changed my bike position so that I use my glutes more when cycling.


Last weekend I raced in St. Croix. Upon arrival I decided regardless of the race result the trip was worth it solely because of how beautiful the island is. Drew and I stayed with a woman who had hosted people for over 15 years. It was very interesting hearing about the history of the race and all of the legendary triathletes who had raced there. St. Croix is also a unique race because the entire island shuts down for the event and the people crowd the course cheering. It is AWESOME.  I am fortunate enough to train with a lot of athletes who have done the race before. Everyone said to start slow because the heat and humidity really blow up the race on the run. I had another good swim coming out of the water in the lead with Amanda Stevens. We rode most of the bike together and came into T2 together. The bike course was extremely hot, hilly and windy so I was unsure of how my legs would feel. Check out the hill known as "The Beast":

"Twenty-one miles into the bike, The Beast is a 600-foot climb in a stretch of highway 7/10 of a mile long with an average grade of 14 percent and a maximum grade of 21percent."

My new bike position felt good and my energy seemed fine with the new nutrition plan so I was hoping to have a steady run. I started off at a pace I knew I could maintain and held that pace throughout the entire 13.1 miles. St. Croix is a race where you are just pacing yourself to get to the line without blowing up. The course is hard and slow. My steady effort on the day got me to the finish line in first place. It was a great relief after having a rough start to the year.




I am fortunate enough to have a great team of people and sponsors surrounding me during the highs and lows of racing. Hopefully the year will continue to be a high from here and I can use the lessons I learned for future races. Next I will be heading to Escape from Alcatraz and I am really looking forward to a shorter race!



WWL-TV New Orleans

Thank you to Sheba Turk for the opportunity to talk about the sport of triathlon before IRONMAN 70.3 New Orleans!



I teamed up with fellow athletes Julie Dibens and Rachel Joyce along with another local triathlete Sandy Morrissey to put on a ride for girls 10 and under. The goal is to promote getting outside and on bicycles. We had a great time interacting with the girls and finishing the day off with cookies from a local bakery, Kim and Jakes. We hope to spread this idea to other communities.

Pros - we get and fix flats too!



Read the full article at

Read the full article online:


Managing Your Skin


by Lauren Goss, Professional Triathlete



Since starting endurance sport, I have noticed that my body has changed quite a bit. My body is leaner, more toned, and I have lost a little bit of weight. All of these things are positives. However, my skin took a wrong turn once the training load went up. For months I really struggled and wondered why I was breaking out so bad. I mean, I am not a teenager anymore, when does this stuff end? I kept buying acne medications to dry out my skin but things kept getting worse. Most women do not even know it, but we are suffering from a pH imbalance.


The long hours in the sun out on the bike or running and the frequent visits to the pool may help the cardiovascular system and one's physique; however, they are detrimental to the body's largest organ, the skin.


Just like anything else in life, the skin feels best when it is balanced around a pH of 5.5, which is slightly acidic. * For those of you who forgot chemistry class, 0 is super acidic and 14 is super basic* When the skin is dry it becomes very basic and this causes the skin to freak out. Acne, wrinkles, inflammation and redness are common side effects. So, the answer is simple- keep the skin happy and balanced.


Below are some ways to keep the skin in a happy state

  • Be careful not to wash your face too much, this causes the skin to become too dry. Make sure to find a sulfate free cleanser (preferably one with natural ingredients). Wash in the morning when waking up and right before bed. It is best to use a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and eye cream to avoid those crow's feet.

  • Drink celery juice. Studies have shown that celery juice neutralizes pH and rids the body of toxins

  • Wear SPF during all activity outside. When in the pool, try using a spray SPF to avoid the sunscreen from running into the eyes under the goggles.

  • If you live in a dry area then use a humidifier at night in the bedroom to keep the air from being to dry.

  • Rinse your face before and after every workout

  • Clean helmet, helmet strap, and sunglasses at least once a week to get rid of any bacteria.

  • Wash your pillow case frequently so there is no bacteria growth

  • Treat your face to a facial every now and then at the spa





New Sponsor HOKA One One

RICHMOND, Calif., April 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- HOKA ONE ONE® (a division of Deckers Brands) (NYSE: DECK), the fastest growing premium running shoe brand in the world, announced today the addition of six new triathletes to its growing roster of pros. The athletes include former IRONMAN world champion Leanda Cave, Danielle Mack, Lauren Goss, Josh Amberger, Kevin Collington and Drew Scott. Pro triathlete Rachel McBride also returns to the team.


Lauren Goss, Josh Amberger, Drew Scott, and Kevin Collington consistently finish on the podium in triathlons around the world. Goss raced 11 times in 2014, earning three victories, four second-place finishes, two thirds, and a fifth. 


Read the full press release at HOKA One One. 

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So far in 2015 I have competed in 3 Ironman 70.3 events. I started off in Monterrey, MX, then to New Orleans, LA, and finally I just got home from St. Croix, VI. My first race in Monterrey resulted in a very disappointing DNF. I woke up sick with a cold the morning after arriving. [Read more...]

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This winter I have decided to stay in Boulder, CO and train while others have migrated to warmer climates. I had the opportunity to head back to Clermont, FL and stay with a husband and wife that are basically family. However, I decided it was best for me to stay at altitude and under Dave's... [Read more...]

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