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October 26
IM 70.3 Miami

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The season is coming to an end! Since my last update I have competed in HyVee Championships, Princeton 70.3 and Silverman 70.3.

HyVee was a stacked field (as always) and I really had no idea how I was going to finish in such a talented field. It is intimidating lining up to World Champions and Olympians. I had a strong enough swim, bike, and run to place 4th. I am very happy with bettering my 5th place finish from 2013. It was a bitter sweet result because I still want to be on the podium. Next season this race will most likely be a main focus and I am hoping to improve a spot or 3. 

I then raced Princeton 70.3 and Silverman 70.3. In both races I had strong swims and bikes through around 50miles. My runs were pretty terrible in both races which is ironic because in Olympic distance the run is where I make up time. I wanted to do some 70.3s this year to gain experience and to make me a stronger athlete mentally and physically.

The longer distance is completely different than an Olympic race and I was really tested in the last two 70.3s. There is so much that goes into the longer races- nutrition, pacing, carrying your nutrition properly so you don't lose it, mentally staying focused for over 4 hours, and having the strength to run after a long bike segment. 70.3 is HARD. Right now in this moment I would say I prefer Olympic racing but I am eager to embrace the challenge of being strong throughout an entire 70.3.

I will race once more this year on October 26th in either Miami in the 70.3 or in Oceanside for the Lifetime Fitness race. I swear these 70.3s take years off of your life. The thought of doing an Ironman just blows my mind-I have major respect for anyone doing those!! I had this crazy idea that I would do IM Cozumel a few months ago but that thought has been quickly erased.

I am now on my way to Clermont, FL to train until the last race of the year. I lived In Clermont for a few years so I am really looking forward to training on my old stomping grounds and seeing familiar faces.


2014 Race Schedule & Results
1stMarch 30
5150 New Orleans
3rdApril 13
Ironman 70.3 Florida
5thMay 18
Rev3 Knoxvile
1stJune 8
5150 Mont Tremblant
1stJune 22
Ironman 70.3 Syracuse
 3rdJuly 13
5150 Boulder Peak
 2ndJuly 20
5150 Kansas City
 4thAugust 31
5150 HyVee
 2ndSeptember 21
Ironman 70.3 Princeton
 2ndOctober 5
Ironman 70.3 Silverman
 October 26
Ironman 70.3 Miami

Hy Vee 5150 Swim Start

Hy Vee 5150

IRONMAN 70.3 Silverman

A Week In Training Life of Lauren Goss


I often get asked what a "typical" training week for me looks like. They vary of course, but this is one example, one glimpse into the training life of this particular Olympic/70.3 triathlete! 



  • Brick session- 3 hr ride with 45 min of climbing intervals and 1 hour of flat intervals followed by a 7-9mile build run with a few faster intervals. The max  "transition" time I allow myself is 8 minutes. 
  • Swim session- easy swim from 2000m-3000m. 
  • (This is the hardest day of the workout week.)


  • Anerobic bike intervals - 1hr45 min session with short intervals from 30seconds up to 2 minutes. I usually do about 15-20min worth of these intervals then cruise home.
  • Threshold swim session- 4500m with 2500m main set of threshold (race pace) swimming.
  • Strength session -  30-40min of gym work


  • Track - usually around 8-9 miles with 5-6miles of a session. This year I really have not done any intervals faster than 5:20 pace.
  • Aerobic swim of about 3500m done with a masters group.
  • Strength Session  30-40 min of gym work


  • VO2 session 1h 45min ride with longer intervals 3-4min at slightly less power than Tuesday's workout with equal recovery.  Usually this is around 20 min total. Sometimes I end these rides with an aerobic time trial session back home.
  • Hill run session about 8 miles total with 6 miles of  "work"
  • VO2 swim session 4500m with a 1500m set slightly under race pace and then a 1500m set at max effort with short rest.
  • Afternoon massage


  •  Long ride alternating by week - 3.5hr/4hr.  Every week has about 2hr worth of intervals varying between 40km wattage, 90km wattage, low gear, big gear, climbing , flats.
  • Easy swim 2000m
  • Optional Strength session


  • Long run varying 10-13miles sometimes with intervals or sometimes watch-less. Depends on the week- if I raced, if I am tired, if I am feeling a niggle.
  • Aerobic swim- 3000m-4000m depending on who is swimming with me! If I am alone most likely 3000m.


  • Long swim around 6000m all steady and short rest
  • Easy spin 1hr
  • Easy run 30 min
  • Eat a huge burger and prepare for the Monday Brick Session 

Lauren's Kitchen


Immune Booster Juice     

  • 8oz of Biotta Beet Juice (chilled)
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1/2 apple 
  • Handful of kale 
  • Handful of frozen berries *I prefer blueberries
  • 1 healthy squeeze of honey 
Blend and serve

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September 2, 2014

This was my second year racing in the famous Hy-Vee triathlon. I was really looking forward to returning to Des Moines and seeing what I could put together on race day and also to see some close friends who were doing the Age Group Championship. The days leading up to the race were pretty easy. [...]

August 14, 2014

I choose to train and race with First Endurance EFS (firstendurance.com). Why? Two weeks ago I was out watching the Boulder Ironman racers out on the run course. It was very hot, but regardless of heat, too many athletes looked like they were doing a death march along the Boulder Creek Path. I am sure [...]

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Featured Workout


Swim Session


500 warm up with every 5th length double arm backstroke

8x50- 2 with paddle on right hand only, 2 with paddle on left hand only, 2 with both, 2 swim. 10" rest in between 

Main Set
600- odd 100s max effort even 100s aerobic pace REST 40"
500- pull aerobic NO buoy REST 20"
400- swim ODD 100s max effort EVEN 100s aerobic REST 30"
300- paddles aerobic NO buoy REST 20"
200- swim ODD 100 max effort EVEN 100 aerobic REST 10"
100- swim at race pace

100 backstroke easy  

6x100 swim slightly below race pace with 10" rest in between. Try and keep these the same time on all 6. 

4x50 -25 fly FAST 25 choice with 10" rest 

100 easy cool down 



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