August 2013
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August 25
Rev3 Maine

September 1
5150 Championships HyVee Triathlon

September 22
Lifetime Fitness Tempe

October 6
Lifetime Fitness Dallas

October 20
Lifetime Fitness Championship - Oceanside

November 3
UWC Triathlon - Nassau

November 10
Rev3 Florida

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August 18-19
Tour of CO - Aspen

September 18-19
Interbike, Las Vegas

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Wow, what a month it has been! The time really goes by fast and I am starting to make every experience I have a memorable one. Our days are limited and I have tried to make the most out of every opportunity I am given. Regardless of my results, I take each 2 hour suffer fest and add it to my box of life experiences.

In the past 3 months I have met some truly incredible individuals who have provided me with endless encouragement, friendships, guidance, and knock me back to reality when I start being crazy. High performance sport is full of highs and lows. I find myself feeling invincible one day and the next having a mental breakdown. The yoyo of emotions is exhausting but it is what keeps me hungry to learn how to reach my goals.


Race Wrap Up

I did things this month that I really never thought possible. First, I raced back-to-back in Lifetime Fitness Minneapolis and then flew to Denver and raced in Boulder 5i50 the next day. I placed 2nd and 3rd respectively and this is something I thought impossible.

After these races I checked out of triathlon and spent some days in Breckenridge enjoying wine, friends, and food. I really needed a mental break as I had already raced 10 times this year. I then did 3 weeks of hard training without having any injury or illness pop up. My numbers in training were higher than I ever thought I would be able to do at this point of my career and my mind was healthy.

I raced in Rev3 WI last weekend and won the race on the bike. My cycling is something I have been working so so hard at. It was truly satisfying to finally execute and win the way I have always wanted to win. The month has been overall a "high" for me. For every peak there is a valley though and I will be ready when that hits.

I am heading out to Aspen this weekend and get to watch my first pro bike race, the Tour of Colorado, and to meet with a new sponsor of mine. I then will fly to Portland, Maine for the Rev3 event. Another busy month is planned and I am anxious for what is to come. Thank you so much for all of the support through the highs and lows.



  On the bike in Wisconsin (image from and Rev3 Wisconsin Dells)


Across the finish for the win! (image from and Rev3 Wisconsin Dells)


   With Radka Vodickova (photo from  



  Awards ceremony in Wisconsin


Current Series Standings
1st place
2nd place

2013 Race Results
1stAugust 11Rev3 Wisconsin
3rdJuly 14Boulder Peak Triathlon
2ndJuly 13Lifetime Fitness Minneapolis
2ndJune 295150 St. Louis
3rdJune 23Rev3 Williamsburg
5thMay 27Lifetime Fitness Captex Triathlon
1stMay 195150 Kansas City, Kansas City, MO
1stMay 5Rev3 Knoxville, TN
12thApril 285150 St. Anthony's, St. Petersburg, FL
3rdApril 7Lifetime Fitness Nautica South Beach Triathlon, Miami, FL
5thMarch 2Escape from Alcatraz, San Francisco, CA
Race Day Insights - Racing Back to Back

This interview with Robert Kunz can be found on the 1st Endurance website



Pro Triathlete Lauren Goss raced the Minneapolis LifeTime Series Triathlon on Saturday taking an impressive 2nd place.  She quickly exited the venue, packed and flew to Boulder Colorado to race the Boulder Peak Triathlon on Sunday.  Goss says "What a weekend!! Raced Lifetime Fitness on Saturday and finished 2nd and today I raced at the Boulder Peak 5150 and was 3rd behind 2 Olympians. I am so humbled, happy, tired, cranky, and sun burnt."

We asked Lauren a few questions about this experience


You raced impressive professional fields on Saturday in Minneapolis, then immediately flew to Boulder to race the Boulder Peak.  Can you tell us why you chose to do this?
I am focusing on the LTF series but I also wanted to make sure I qualified for the HyVee race in Des Moines on Sept 1. So heading into the weekend, LTF was my main goal and I only had to finish Boulder Peak to assure my spot in HyVee. So I decided to give it a shot and hope I did not have a mechanical on Sunday!!
What did you do different to warm up, warm down for both Saturday and Sunday races?

Immediately after finishing Minneapolis I drank 2 bottles of EFS and 1 bottle of Ultragen . Then I stuffed my face with 2 sandwiches and brownies in the post race food tent.  On the plane I wore my 110% compression tights and drank 48oz of water with Emergen-C to make sure I did not get sick. Once arriving in Boulder, I immediately got a huge salad with protein from Whole Foods and a Biotta Beet Juice for dinner. I then got 20lbs of ice and made an ice bath and alternated 10 min in the ice bath/10 min in the NormaTec boots two times. I was able to get 8h of good deep sleep and was up early to get in a really good warm up to wake the body up. Before the race I rode my bike 20min, ran 2 mi, and swam about 1000m.


Did you take any extra consideration in your nutrition to make sure you were prepared for Sunday's race?

Yes, I took more calories during the race on Sunday. In a typical Olympic distance race I would have 100 cal of Liquid Shot before the start, 24 oz of water with 90 calories of EFS on the bike with 100 calories of Liquid Shot and then water on the run. On Sunday I had 100 cal of Liquid Shot pre race, 24 oz of water with 90 calories of EFS and 200 calories of Liquid Shot on the bike, and sipped on a flask during the run to keep my brain energized!

What 'tip' would you offer athletes who want to race on back to back days?

EAT A LOT! I felt disgusting and bloated going to bed on Saturday. However, by the time I hit the run on Sunday I felt light and ready to go hard. Also, I really think the ice baths helped a ton.

Lauren's Kitchen - Banana Flax Granola


  • 4c of Trader Joes Gluten Free Old Fashioned Oats (or any brand of your choice, but use old fashioned and not instant)
  • c of water
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 3 tablespoons of flax seed
  • 1 c shredded coconut
  • 4 tablespoons of cinnamon
  • salt
  • Coconut oil spray (or whatever you prefer to grease a pan)

Preheat the oven to 375. Use a blender to puree the banana.  Mix together the oats and the water first and then add the banana puree. Next mix in the flax seed, coconut, cinnamon, and finally sprinkle salt into the mixture. I really like the salty flavor so I add a bit more but it is up to you and your personal preference. Grease a baking sheet with coconut oil spray and evenly spread out the mixture on the pan. Bake for about 25 min and then use a spatula and break up the granola a bit. I usually bake for about 35min but it depends on the oven and once again your preference. After baking, let the granola sit for about 15min to make sure it is crunchy. Once cooled, break apart and store in a zip lock container in the refrigerator. Use in yogurts, cottage cheese, or take on bike rides. Enjoy!


Featured Workout

Swim - Pace Change Workout  


 This workout will help you prepare for the sudden pace change in open water swimming, such as around the buoys.


Warm up: 400 swim/200 kick/400 pull warm up

Main Set:
  • 4x100 moderate effort take :10 rest
  • 200 all out :30 rest
  • 3x100 moderate effort take :15 rest
  • 300 all out :30 rest
  • 2x100 moderate effort take :20 rest
  • 400 all out :30 rest
  • Put on paddles + buoy + band (optional)
  • 300 breath control - breath every 3/5/7 by 100 take :30 rest   
  • 3x100 25 fast 75 easy take :10 rest
  • 6x50 race pace take :05 rest

Cool down: 300 choice



Cycling Camp

Tom Danielson's Cycling Escape  


If you are looking to do some miles on the bike this winter in sunny Tucson then you should come out to Tom Danielson's Cycling Escape this fall. It is a 6 night, 5 day camp in scenic Tucson. There you will have the opportunity to ride with 3x Tour de France rider, Tom Danielson, and also enjoy the extras such as meals prepared by the Garmin-Sharp chef Sean Fowler, onsite massages, and the opportunity to ride the same bikes used by Garmin Sharp in the Tour de France. I will be helping out as well specifically with the women.


More information can be found on the website ( If you are interested or have specific questions contact me at I am looking forward to meeting some of you. There are only 8 slots at each session in order to provide sufficient one-on-one time so the sooner you sign up the better.


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