July 2013
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July 13
Lifetime Fitness
Minneapolis, MN

July 14
Boulder Peak
Boulder, CO

July 27
Giant Eagle 5150
Columbus, OH

August 11
Rev3 Wisconsin

August 25
Rev3 Maine

September 1
5150 Championships HyVee Triathlon

September 22
Lifetime Fitness Tempe

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I hope everyone had a relaxing 4th of July. Thanks again to everyone who continues to support me-my family, fans, friends, sponsors, and competitors.

I am now back training hard in Tucson and will race at the 3rd stop of the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon Series in Minneapolis on July 13th. Afterward, I will catch a flight to Denver to compete in the Boulder Peak 5150 the very next day, on July 14th! Lots of racing this weekend!


If you are racing at either event, I encourage you to please introduce yourself.  I love meeting fellow athletes when I have the opportunity to do so at events.  


June Race Wrap Up

June has come and gone so quickly! It was another busy month of racing and travel. I competed in my first half distance race of the year at Rev3 Williamsburg. This distance is so unfamiliar and it was really refreshing to go into a race with no expectations. I ended up finishing 3rd place with a truly epic bonk at mile 8 of the run. Since starting triathlon I have seen athletes pass out at the finish or say they "blacked out" and are taken to the med tent for an IV. I have never been able to push that hard in a race to reach that level of exhaustion. Well, I successfully did this in Williamsburg. No, it was no fun...at all. However, it is exciting to know that I got everything out of myself on the day. I spent a few days at home in Charleston, SC after the race and then flew to St. Louis for a 5150 event only 6 days after the half. I honestly did everything I could to recover in between races, but I was pretty flat going in to the race. I finished in 2nd place on a very tough course.

Special thanks to the Hillers for providing me with a great accommodation.


Rev3 Williamsburg
Race Results
2ndJune 295150 St. Louis
3rdJune 23Rev3 Williamsburg
5thMay 27Lifetime Fitness Captex Triathlon
1stMay 195150 Kansas City, Kansas City, MO
1stMay 5Rev3 Knoxville, TN
12thApril 285150 St. Anthony's, St. Petersburg, FL
3rdApril 7Lifetime Fitness Nautica South Beach Triathlon, Miami, FL
5thMarch 2Escape from Alcatraz, San Francisco, CA
Lauren's Kitchen - Green Eggs


  • 1 Avocado
  • 2 Eggs
  • Sun Dried Tomatoes
  • Salt, Pepper  

Cut an avocado in half and take out the pit. Next crack an egg in the hollow part of each avocado half. Bake at 350 for 25min and top with sun dried tomatoes. Add salt/pepper as desired.  

Featured Workout

Brick Session with NO Bike! 

It is no secret that runs off the bike are very different than stand alone foot races. It is important to not only know how to run fast, but also how to run fast when the legs are heavy from a hard effort on the bike. Brick sessions are often done to simulate the "heavy legs" feeling that one feels in a race. However, bringing a trainer to the track and setting it up etc. may be too time consuming when trying to fit in a workout. The workout below trains the body to run race pace with tired legs without having a bike.



Warm up 15 minutes.


Stretches, run drills, and 4x100m strides with perfect-ish form


1x400m at 90% effort rest 200m jog/walk


2x800m at 10k pace (ex: 7:00 pace would be 1:45 for each 400) rest 200m jog/walk in between


1x400 at 90% effort rest 200m jog/walk


2x800m at 10k pace rest 200m jog/walk


1x400m at 90% effort


1 mi at 10k pace rest 200m jog/walk


1-2mi cool down with stretching and recovery calories immediately after



Race Day Insights

Williamsburg REV3 Nutrition Plan


Race Morning: cup of Trader Joe's oatmeal with banana and a handful of almonds, 2 salt stick tabs


Pre race morning/warm up:sipped on 20oz of water with 1 scoop of First Endurance EFS


Swim start: 100 calories of Liquid Shot +1 scoop of First Endurance Pre-Race + 3 oz of water (all combined in a flask)


On the run into T1: 8oz of water with 1 Nuun tablet


Bike: 100 cal First Endurance Liquid Shot every 30min on the bike (#1 immediately when I was s  ettled on the bike, so minute "0"), 24oz of fluid (water +1 scoop EFS) every 75 minutes. 1 salt stick tab. 800 calories total  


Run: 2 salt tabs immediately in T2, flask of liquid shot (took a small sip every 5 minutes), Water/coke/ice at aid stations. 250 cal total 


Giveaways and Sponsor Savings!

Giveaway Winner - First Endurance Pre-Race 


Congratulations to subscriber Kyle Schroeder will be receiving this great product from www.firstendurance.com, a staple of my pre-race nutrition plan!  



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Thank you to my sponsors!

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