Keep Your Trucks OFF the Fence
Retention Through Predictive Selection
The best way to keep your trucks off the fence is to hire drivers that stay in their seats.


How many drivers did you hire in the last 12-months? How many of them are still driving for your company? By answering those two seemingly simple questions you'll be taking the first step toward improving your company's success. 


If you don't know the answer please stop reading and take a few minutes to find out. 


Welcome back.  Are you satisfied with what you've found? Is there room for improvement? Is improving retention even possible?  For increasing numbers of carriers across North America the answer is a YES.


Most of us assume the best way to improve retention of new drivers is to increase the number of applications we process and confirm minimum qualifications.  That's clearly important, but it's only half of the solution. The other half requires a proven selection tool that consistently identifies outstanding driver candidates in the applicant pool.  A tool that identifies candidates who share the same behaviors of your current outstanding drivers.


Following are case studies of two clients who are proving assessment technology is the key to getting trucks off the fence in spite of driver shortages. 


They are dramatically improving both retention and safety by assessing candidates as the first step in their hiring process. 
Client One- Location, TN (Experienced Drivers)
The following documents driver selection using an online behavioral driver assessment from September, 2010 through October, 2011. 
Experienced drivers:
-Initial retention rate = 10%
-Hired 67 drivers that passed online behavioral driver assessment.
-Still employed 48 = 72% retention
-Retention improves 720%.
Prior to implementing the online assessment this client processed 30 applications for every new hire. 


67 hires X 30 candidates = 2010 applicants
In contrast, this client tested a total of 147 candidates and selected 67 passing candidates for hire.  This represents a 93% reduction in the number of applicants processed, while significantly increasing retention.  


The client estimates use of the online assessment saved at least one week's administrative time to on-board drivers.


Client Two- Location, IN (Non-Experienced Drivers)
Following documents hiring with online assessment from December 2010 through December 2011:


-Recent driving school graduates.
-Historic retention rate = 20%
-Retention of recent CDL graduates who passed behavioral driver assessment = 77%
-The client also reports no accidents over the past 12-months with this group of hires.


Client estimates up to two weeks administrative time saved with use of online behavioral assessment over past 12-months.


Innovations in behavioral methodology combined with state-of- the-art technology give you the power to easily streamline your hiring process while dramatically improving retention. 
Improved selection leads directly to improved capacity, reduced accidents, better customer care and...increased profit! 

Pre-employment test for truck drivers, JOBehaviors
Pre-employment test for truck drivers, JOBehaviors
What clients are saying about JOBehaviors:

"As they say, the figures don't lie. JOBehaviors works and is a great retention tool for all motor carriers." 

Tommy Johnson, Safety and Recruiting Director, Vickers Distribution and Storage


"Perhaps our most notable success with JOBehaviors has been with the drivers we have been training right out of driving school.  We accept new entrants to the trucking industry in our Driver Finishing Program only if they score 4 stars or above.  None of the drivers in this group have been involved in an accident or incident." 

Curt Singleton, Safety/HR Director, Bestway Express


"We have quickly seen the value of JOBehaviors in our driver placement process. The online assessment system has allowed us to expedite the hiring of drivers who are truly a fit for the career of professional truck driver.


JOBehaviors is stunningly accurate at identifying the performance level of driver candidates and that is the real key to safety, productivity and efficiency for our customers."

Julie Behern, Director of Recruiting, Schilli Transport Services

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