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Have you ever hired a driver who interviewed well, met your stringent qualifications, whose MVR, and background check came back clean and who seemed like an overall great person? Of those, how many turned out to be unsafe, rude to customers, complained incessantly, and left your truck on the side of the road after an argument with dispatch?
How could this happen despite all your best efforts confirming minimum candidate qualifications? 
Answer: You only had 20% of the information necessary to make an effective hiring decision.
What's the other 80% of the pie that accounts for job performance, safety and retention?
Answer:  Behavior
A fast-growing number of carriers have discovered just how effective job-specific behavioral assessments are when it comes to hiring good drivers. These assessments are administered online (assessment links are embedded directly in the online application and/or emailed) with instant reporting of comparative results (one through 5-stars).
Following is Bestway Express' experience with the JOBehaviors Long Haul Truck Driver and Delivery Driver pre-hire online assessments:
JOBehaviors has given us the tools we need to achieve better, more cost-effective results in recruiting and retention:
  • We administer the JOBehaviors assessment before we spend money on MVRs, employment histories, PSP, etc. (allowing us to decide if the driver is even a good fit for the industry), which saves us considerable time and money
  • Suppose I should have mentioned first-the tool does an excellent job in determining if the candidate has the right attitude to fit into the trucking industry (actually can determine if he/she will be better in OTR than Local Delivery and vice versa), or if he/she is not a fit at all
  • The scoring system runs from the lowest score of 1 star to the highest score of 5 stars, so it is simple to set guidelines for hiring in different categories.  We require 2 stars and above for experienced drivers who otherwise qualify (also use other records of course), and we require 4 or 5 stars for our two driver finishing programs (depending on which training category they fall in)
  • We've used JOBehaviors to motivate our existing drivers to move from our long-haul division to our short-haul division (and vice versa) when problems arise; also we have placed newly hired drivers into our divisions based on the same criteria
  • Our newly hired 4 and 5 star drivers areaus in the first 6 months of employment

Please let me know if you have questions. 


Curt Singleton

Director Recruiting and Safety

Bestway Express


It's great to hear from carrier who are tackling some of the industries biggest challenges and succeeding. Please continue to let us know what you're doing to improve your hiring process and we'll share it with our readers. 


Improved selection leads directly to improved capacity, reduced accidents, better customer care and...increased profit! 
Pre-employment test for truck drivers, JOBehaviors
Pre-employment test for truck drivers, JOBehaviors
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