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Is it possible to meet capacity while maintaining performance standards for new drivers? It is when you identify driver candidates with the right behaviors for the job.  
How many poor performing drivers met your company's minimum qualifications when you hired them, only to cost untold thousands after they were on your payroll (accidents, loss of customers, lack of loyalty, etc.)? To improve retention and performance it is critical to go beyond minimum qualifications and select drivers who share the behaviors of your best drivers.
JOBehaviors Long Haul Truck Driver and Delivery Driver online assessments are based on an in-depth job analysis with proven top performing drivers. Carriers receive instant results for each applicant in a 1 through 5-star rating. With the new Custom Questions feature it is now possible to confirm minimum qualifications prior to time consuming phone interviews.
To avoid the untold costs and headaches of the bottom 30% of drivers simply avoid candidates scoring 1-star. It's that simple.
Avoiding the bottom performing 30% of drivers is the first step in cracking the code for improving capacity and profit.
Pre-employment test for truck drivers, JOBehaviors
Pre-employment test for truck drivers, JOBehaviors
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