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May 2013 

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Irrigation Inspection

Rose Rosette Disease

Complete Outdoor Oasis
May/June Landscaping Checklist

- Clean out beds completely of weeds, leaves and debris; remove faded spring blooms.

- Have irrigation systems installed or serviced to save money by watering efficiently; adjust watering system to allow for spring rainfall.

- Replenish mulch to control weeds, keep soil moist and lower water usage.

- Plant new trees, shrubs and perennials at this time; explore some of our spring color options.

- Trim and treat trees and bushes to optimize growth.

- Place annuals and new colors in beds.

Water Restrictions in our Area

The North Texas Municipal Water District will be entering into Stage 3 watering restrictions beginning June 1. This means irrigation/sprinkler watering will be limited to once per week. Hand watering is still not limited.

The Tarrant Regional Water District is set to implement Stage 1 watering restrictions starting on June 3. This means those residents of the TRWD would be limited to irrigation and sprinkler watering twice per week with no limit on hand watering.

Start Preparing for this Summer's Water Restrictions!

The North Texas Municipal Water District's Stage 3 water restrictions, set to go into effect on June 1, and the impending Stage 1 restrictions in the Tarrant Regional Water District, set for June 3, are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Texas' water worries. CNN and Forbes consistently rate Texas as one of the top five fastest growing states in the country. That's a great thing to hear if you're a business owner, however this has our water districts rather worried.


At our current water-usage pace, the Texas economy could lose $12 billion annually if the drought conditions continue. Factor in the growing Texas population and we could be looking at an annual economic loss of $116 billion by the 2060s. Of course that's a worst case scenario, but unfortunately it's the track we're on. If the drought conditions continue through this year's summer, we could be looking at the driest string of years since the 1950s.


So why do municipal water districts impose water restrictions rather than build more reservoirs or pipe in groundwater/water from other states? The state has found that water conservation practices are far more cost effective than building new infrastructure to generate new water supplies. The San Antonio Water System actually found that for every dollar they spent on conservation, they were able to avoid seven dollars in costs associated with finding new water sources.


What can you, the owner of a gorgeous landscape, do to ensure your investment lasts through the summer while also easing the burden on our state's water supply? If you're reading this newsletter, you're already on the right track! Complete Landsculpture is a leader in water conservation and management, making it easy for you to battle our dry summer conditions. We keep you up to date on our area's two major water districts and their restrictions through the use of our blog, Facebook and Twitter. We also look for ways to help our customers manage their water usage through nifty online tools such as the North Texas Municipal Water District's Water My Yard Calculator. Not to mention our talented team of Certified Irrigation Specialists!


This month's newsletter will focus on a few ways that can help you limit water usage in your landscape in order to not only be compliant with this year's water restrictions, but also to secure this valuable resource for our future generations. We'll also take a look at the battle against Rose Rosette Disease as well as some nice outdoor living options for creating your very own Complete Outdoor Oasis.


"To meet an old friend in a distant country is like the delight of rain after a long drought." - Chinese Proverb



~ The Complete Landsculpture Team


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DontSweatXeriscaping: How Native Plants Help You Beat Water Restrictions
Desert Willow 

You have probably heard the X-word thrown around a bit given the dry conditions that have taken over Texas lately. Xeriscaping is just a fancy way of saying landscaping with plants and irrigation practices that minimize water usage.


A lot of people see Xeriscaping as being limited to strictly planting cacti with some rocks strewn about. This is just not the case! Xeriscaping does not need to mean a grassless lawn. Here are the seven principles of Xeriscaping according to Sustainable Sources to help give you a better idea of this new trend in landscaping:

  1. Planning and design - Before installing your Xeriscape landscape, you need to take into consideration the regional climate, existing vegetation and topographical conditions, the intended use of the area and where your plants will be placed according to their watering needs.
  2. Soil Improvement - Another primary focus of Xeriscaping is to limit the amount of fertilizer used on your landscape. You should have your soil analyzed to determine what plants would work best given your soil's makeup and to see if any soil amendments are needed.
  3. Appropriate Native Plant Selection - Obviously, you'll want to place an emphasis on selecting plants that require the minimum amount of water. You should also choose a diversity of native plants to help guard against pest or insect problems wiping out your entire landscape.
  4. Practical Turf Areas - When using turf in Xeriscaping, make sure that the areas are flat to avoid run off, rounded and compact so it's easier to water and mow, and keep your turf areas separate from other landscape plants as your turf will require more water than your other native plants. Buffalo and Bermuda grasses are great turf options for our area.
  5. Efficient Irrigation - Make sure to use a low water irrigation system such as those made by Rain Bird. Also, make sure to have your irrigation system checked regularly by a team of Certified Irrigation Specialists, such as those at Complete Landsculpture.
  6. Use of Mulches - Use a deep layer of mulch in flower beds to limit weed growth (weeds steal precious water from your desirable plants) while also trapping moisture in the soil.
  7. Appropriate Maintenance - Although Xeriscape landscapes require less maintenance due to the use of hardier plants, you still want to make sure that you don't mow your lawn too short. Leaving grass clippings on the lawn can help to return nutrients to the soil, however take care not to leave large clumps of grass clippings out as those can leave dead spots on your lawn. Complete Landsculpture's talented maintenance teams can make this step a breeze!
SaltwaterWhat Happens during an Irrigation Inspection?
As was mentioned earlier, North Texas properties within the North Texas Municipal Water District will enter Stage 3 water restrictions beginning on June 1, while those residents of the Tarrant Regional Water District will enter Stage 1 restrictions on June 3. The decision to begin enacting watering restrictions was made unseasonably early this year due to the past two years' drought conditions. 2011 was the single worst year of drought in Texas history followed by an extremely dry summer in 2012.

Now is the perfect time to have your irrigation system serviced by our team of Certified Irrigation Specialists, before you end up with a surprise water park or a surprise water bill. Are you curious as to what happens during your standard irrigation check? Here's a quick rundown of what we look for:

  • Upon arrival, our technician will evaluate your irrigation controller for accuracy. This includes checking the time, date, programming and battery life as well as the rain and freeze sensor transmitter/receiver.
  • Our technician then runs a test cycle of the entire system. During the test cycle, our technician inspects your entire property for any leak on the irrigation heads, lateral lines, main line or valve areas.
  • Most broken heads and leaks on sprinkler heads or pipelines will be repaired on site unless it appears to be a situation requiring extra labor, in which case the technician will contact his/her supervisor to gain approval from the client.
  • Next, each valve is tested to ensure they are working correctly. This includes making sure that all valves are turning on and off as they should and checking for debris within the valve. If a valve is broken, the technician will first seek approval to repair the valve from the customer.
  • After finishing the inspection, the technician will check the programming on the controller to ensure that it is set for the correct season, type of plant material and sun/shade conditions.
  • Throughout the inspection, the technician will make notes on all concerns and repairs leaving a detailed report within the irrigation controller.

Contact Complete Landsculpture today to set up your irrigation inspection with one of our talented irrigation technicians.


OutdoorLiving The Battle Against Rose Rosette Disease
A rose bush stem infected with the Rose rosette disease. 

Rose rosette is a disease which affects nearly every type of cultivated rose, even the highly disease-resistant Knock Out roses. The disease is actually a virus spread by tiny, microscopic mites known as Phyllacoptes fructiphylus, also called the rose leaf curl mite. These mites aren't actually able to fly on their own, but they can be carried by the wind or crawl from one rose bush to another.


The only known cure for infected plants is to remove the shrub entirely, roots and all. It's best to bag the plant before removing it to ensure that no mites are knocked free and onto unaffected bushes. Failure to remove your infected shrubs entirely only results in spreading the disease throughout your garden and possibly your neighbors'! Neil Sperry recently wrote a fantastic article for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram detailing the spread of this disease.


But what does an infected rose bush look like? Here is a list of symptoms:

Another look at an infected rose stem
  • An unhealthy red coloration of the leaves and shoots
  • Increased growth and elongation of shoots
  • A "Witch's Broom" appearance, or large clustering of shoots
  • A shorter length of stem between leaves
  • Distorted leaves
  • An overabundance of thorns
  • Strange flower coloration with spots or smears of color
  • Deformed buds or flowers
  • A lack of winter hardiness

If you suspect your roses may be infected with the Rose rosette disease, contact Complete Landsculpture and let our landscape consultants inspect and remove the shrub to ensure the infection doesn't spread!


COutOasOutdoor Living Areas - Your Complete Outdoor Oasis

So what is exactly a Complete Outdoor Oasis? It's simply a gorgeous space to relax, hang out with friends, make a nice meal in beautiful weather and enjoy a dip in the swimming pool, all from the comfort of your backyard!


Gene Freeman, Vice President of Complete Landsculpture, does a great job of explaining this outdoor living philosophy in the above video, but here are some extra considerations to include in your outdoor living space:

  • Outdoor Kitchen - An outdoor kitchen is a vital part of any Complete Outdoor Oasis. Whether you're just looking for a built-in grill with some beautiful stonework, or an entire kitchen experience complete with a refrigerator, pizza oven, television and a fire pit, Complete Landsculpture can design and build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.
  • Water Features - Water features are the perfect way to add the relaxing sights and sounds of flowing water anywhere on your property. Artificial streams babbling into a small pond or simple bubbling pots can add a great deal to add to the ambience of your landscape.
  • Swimming Pool - A beautiful free-form or formal swimming pool can be the perfect centerpiece for your Complete Outdoor Oasis! Just imagine relaxing in your backyard, poolside, while grilling some steaks in your new outdoor kitchen. It doesn't get much better than that!
  • Outdoor Lighting and Illumination - Why cut your evening of grilling and swimming short just because the sun goes down? With some strategically placed outdoor lights, your nighttime landscape can be totally transformed, extending your outdoor activities long into the night.
  • Traditional Landscaping - The installation of some seasonal color as well as some year-round landscaping can help to tie the entire outdoor experience together by softening any hard lines created by concrete areas. Complete Landsculpture's professional and experienced landscape installation teams can make sure that your Complete Outdoor Oasis is one cohesive outdoor living space!
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