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Spring 2013
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Spring Landscaping Tips
PRIME! Is Almost Here

PRIME! A Top Texas Chef Cookout is a benefit event supporting New Horizons to be held Wednesday, April 3, 2013 from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. at Complete Landsculpture.

Top chefs from steakhouses and restaurants throughout the Dallas area will be preparing dishes for our guests to sample. Cocktail and spirit stations, live entertainment, golf contests, raffles and an auction will also be on tap for the evening.

New Horizons is a nonprofit organization which supports children and youth who have been victims of trauma and have experienced emotional, behavioral and relationship difficulties as a result.

Tickets are $75 per person if purchased before March 15, or $85 per person if purchased after March 15, so make sure to sign up early for this great cause!

Our New Blog!
We're proud to announce that our new blog has gone live! We help you stay connected to the latest landscaping trends and tips so you have a healthy and beautiful landscape.

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We Know What to Do Even if the Weather Doesn't

"Chance of snow" yesterday.  


Seventy-five and sunny tomorrow.


It's that time of year when the weather just can't seem to figure itself out. The finicky
forecast can really make it hard to know what you should be doing with your landscape. There's no need to worry about that, though! With friends like the Complete Landsculpture team, answers to even your toughest landscaping questions are always readily available.


So what should you be focusing on with your landscape? Here are some quick ideas.


Contact our in-house design team for a free consultation to help get some ideas for where you might want to take your landscape this spring and summer. Our design specialists work with you to create a Master Plan of your landscaping and outdoor living desires. Through the use of 2D and 3D design plans, you can see exactly what your new landscape will look like before the first shovel hits dirt.


Now is a great time to take care of some general cleanup needs your landscape may have developed over the winter. Fallen branches and leaves can clutter up a lawn during the cold months and can really take attention away from any spring color you might be adding. Have one of our crews come out and help your property get a head start on spring.


While you're getting your landscape spruced up, you might as well tend to your trees. Now is the perfect time to get your trees trimmed or pruned, just before they head into their growing seasons.


If you're still stumped and looking for landscaping answers while the weather makes up its mind, feel free to contact us so we can give you a hand!


"Withstanding the cold develops vigor for the relaxing days of spring and summer. Besides, in this matter as in many others, it is evident that nature abhors a quitter." - Arthur C. Crandall


~ The Complete Landsculpture Team


DontSweatDon't Sweat About Your Water Bill

With the record drought of 2012 still fresh on the minds of many, we would like to remind you to get an early start on checking your irrigation systems before the summer heat takes hold again.


Now is the perfect time to have an inspection of your irrigation systems. Water trapped in the pipelines can freeze in the winter and cause damage which results in wasted water and money. Complete Landsculpture's team of certified irrigation specialists can ensure that your irrigation system is ready to handle the dry summers in our region while conserving water for future generations.


Our irrigation specialists are able to perform water audits and create property irrigation plans as additional means to help save money and reduce water waste. As a leader in smart-watering practices, Complete Landsculpture can install underground soil moisture monitoring systems which constantly monitor moisture at the root-level so that your irrigation system only applies water when and where your yard needs it most.


With help from Complete Landsculpture, you'll have no need to sweat about your outdoor water usage this spring and summer.


SpringColorAre You Ready for Some Spring Color?

Winter is quickly receding into a distant memory; "quickly" being the key word. It's time to starting thinking about developing some spring color for your landscape.


Complete Landsculpture has created a quick checklist of tips and considerations to make sure that your lawn is ready to look its best this spring:

  1. Schedule a seasonal cleanup to remove any fallen limbs, leaves and other yard waste.
  2. Make sure all weeds are removed from your lawn so your new vegetation won't have to compete.
  3. Mulch your flower beds to keep moisture in and weeds out.
  4. Browse catalogs of springtime plants to get an idea of what you would like to have planted.
  5. Consider adding some shade trees to your lawn to help keep cool during the summer heat.
  6. Schedule an appointment with Complete Landsculpture's design and consulting team to find out what plants would work best with your yard and architecture.
OutdoorLiving How To Maximize Your Outdoor Living Experience

Spring and summer bring their fair share of ups and downs. Be they gorgeous days and cold nights, or those summer days when the evening is the only time you'd want to be outside, we know exactly what you need to get the most out of your outdoor experience.


With our highly trained team of designers, licensed contractors and hardscape craftsmen, Complete Landsculpture can turn your outdoor dream into a reality.


Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits - With beautiful spring days just on the horizon, why not install an outdoor fireplace or fire pit so your nice days aren't cut short by a cool night? Fire pits and fireplaces act as the perfect centerpiece to any outdoor scene. Not to mention that you can make s'mores any time of the year! 


Outdoor Kitchen - Complete Landsculpture can create an entire outdoor kitchen experience complete with a grill, oven, refrigerator, you name it! With an outdoor kitchen in the spring, you'll barely have a reason to be indoors.


Lighting - Let's face it: summer days can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes you don't want to step foot outside until the sun has gone down. With an outdoor lighting scheme, we can transform your yard into a gorgeous nighttime landscape; perfect for those long summer nights.


Stonework and Masonry - Bring your entire outdoor experience together with custom stonework and masonry. Stone benches, archways, patios and walkways help to bring even more elegance to your outdoor living.


Outdoor Living Areas - With all of the above features, you'll need some sort of roof over your head. Whether you want a patio cover to supply a little shade, or a pavilion to complete your outdoor oasis, we can help you decide on what will best fit your landscape. We can even install audio and video capabilities in your outdoor living area!


SaltwaterChlorine Pools are Old News
We've made the switch and you should too! Complete Landsculpture can design and install formal or free form saltwater pools. But what exactly is a saltwater pool and why would one choose the saltwater route rather than standard chlorine? We have compiled a list of saltwater pool basics courtesy of the folks at the Salt Institute:
  • Saltwater pools work by using a chlorine generator to create natural chlorine from the specially formulated salt used in saltwater pools. Once the chlorine is used to sanitize the water, it is converted back into salt and the process begins again.
  • You actually save money over time when converting to a saltwater pool due to salt being much less expensive than the chlorine and other chemicals required to service a traditional pool.
  • Saltwater pools have a much lower chlorine scent while also being far less salty than the ocean.
  • Saltwater pools eliminate the need to store harmful chemicals around your family and pets.


TreeTrimmingDon't Forget About Your Trees

Now is the perfect time to have your trees trimmed or serviced! Winter is the best season to have your trees pruned as this is the easiest time to spot dead or dying limbs.


According to the Texas A&M System Agrilife Extension, late winter and early spring is a great time to have your trees pruned as it will not interfere with any new growth. Having your trees trimmed after new growth has begun can result in stress on a tree's roots and limbs.


Is your landscape lacking in the tree department? We can install new trees, determine what's wrong with your existing trees through our diagnostic service and inoculate your trees against future disease and insects.


Contact Complete Landsculpture today and schedule a free trimming consultation or ask about our other tree services.


Complete Landsculpture is an award-winning, full-service landscape architecture firm offering comprehensive, innovative and creative solutions for residential and commercial outdoor needs since 1985. Complete Landsculpture serves the Dallas/ Fort Worth and Oklahoma City metro areas and prides itself on the professional, dependable and exceptional services and expertise. Complete Landsculpture has a unique insight into creating and preserving resources essential to appreciating the luxuries of nature-
Creating a Complete Outdoor Experience.  




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