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July 2012


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We love working with friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers!  It's never a bad time to help someone by recommending a beautiful landscape, kitchen or pool renovation.
If you know someone who could benefit from Complete Landsculpture's services, let us know.   We are more than happy to thank you with a gift card and service vouchers for thinking of us.  And in the month of July, we are giving out double the rewards!



Design Services:
Free design plan with an outdoor living project purchase of $15,000 or more


Referral Bonus: 
Receive double referral dollars and a $25 gift card for referring friends, family, neighbors or co-workers to us.


Outdoor Living Services:
Free 46" TV with an outdoor living project purchse of $30,000 or more


Water Conservation Services:
Free UgMO Sensor with a new UgMO Installation of $999 or more.  
Please contact Complete Landsculpture for complete details and limitations of monthly specials and offers.
Valid for contracts signed July 1, 2012 through July 31, 2012.  Only 1 promotional offer allowed per property per month.  Offer not valid on previous services, solutions, proposals or agreements.

outdoorOutdoor Summer Tips  

  1. Hand water plants as needed
  2. Prune trees and shrubs as necessary
  3. Apply post-emergent weed control
  4. Have a irrigation systems checked and modified
  5. Check for signs of distress and damage
  6. Maintain healthy soil and mulch to help with water retention
  7. Inspect for insects and diseases
  8. Clean hardscapes and  make repairs
  9. Check lighting and illumination
  10. Gather ideas and notes for Fall design, installation and construction projects


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protectProtect Your Landscape Investment This Summer


If the last few days of 100+ degree weather has been any indication of things to come, it looks like this summer may be another record breaker!  But before any panic sets in, take a few moments and read some of the information that we have put together for you.  The information compiled will hopefully give you some general guidelines, tips and techniques to help your landscape survive (and even thrive) this summer.


The Complete Landsculpture team cares about your property and wants to protect your landscape investment.  We strongly advise you with information in this newsletter  to help protect your landscape investment and prevent you from spending additional money on replacements this fall and next spring.


During this time, your sprinkler system may not be enough to keep stressed bushes, trees and garden areas alive. We highly recommend additional hand watering and soaking of all plantings, particularly ones that have been installed within the last two years.  Many cities have continued watering restrictions and dictate watering less frequently with automatic sprinkler systems.  Hand watering and soaker hoses are exempt to these regulations.


Please rememberremember that this information is a general guideline. Every site and plant is different and will have different requirements. After the installation of your new landscape, you become responsible for seeing that adequate attention and care is supplied- this includes but is not limited to proper watering, monitoring soil levels, checking for signs of distress and the overall health of the plant.


If you have any questions or concerns about your new or existing landscape installation from Complete Landsculpture, please contact us at 214-358-5296. We are more than happy to discuss your landscape with you.  From all of us here at Complete Landsculpture, we hope that you have a wonderful and safe summer!



-The Complete Landsculpture Team

startTips, Tricks & Techniques at Your Fingertips! 



We have compiled a couple of good resources from around our areas so that you can reference them in one quick click on this newsletter.  Please remember that the following information is a general guideline. Every site and plant is different and will have different requirements. 


treeTree Gators Make Keeping Your Trees Healthy Simple


The Treegator is drip irrigation system in a bag. Treegators are watering bags that are designed specifically for trees, to slowly deliver water directly to their root systems over an extended time period. Treegators allow for deep water saturation with no run-off or evaporation.


Far too many trees die or are severely damaged from improper care during extreme temperatures.  Maintaining soil moisture is especially important during summer months, so how do you prevent shock and avoid water stress on trees?  The answer is simple- meet the Treegator!
Get two Treegators installed at your home or work for only $89! Call us to prepare your trees to beat the heat this summer.
waterWater Restriction & Drought Management for Landscape
  • Handwatering is essential!  The use of automatic irrigation systems and sprinklers may be limited. Most water restrictions exclude drip irrigation systems, soaker hoses and hand watering. 
  • If you are allowed to use automatic irrigation systems and sprinklers, they may not be enough to keep your plants and trees alive and healthy.
  • Keep soil healthy and moist; add mulch around plants, shrubs and trees to reduce evaporation and soil temperature, reducing stress on roots.
  • Maintain your landscape regularly; don't wait until the weather cools down to take action.
  • Control all weeds; weeds use water that would otherwise be available for desirable plants and trees.
  • Monitor irrigation systems for leaks, clogs, and breakdowns and adjust programming as needed.
  • Use an automatic moisture sensor to determine when your lawn needs watering. An automatic sensor will trigger sprinkler operation only when soil moisture falls below a certain level.
  • Contact an irrigation and smart water management company like Complete Landsculpture for irrigation audits and checks. 
WaterSmart Checklist


  1. Sprinkler is adjusted to avoid watering the street or the house.
  2. Lawn has been aerated this year.
  3. Sprinkler is equipped with a rain sensor or a timer to avoid over watering
  4. Sprinkler  only runs during cooler morning or evening hours when less water is lost to evaporation
  5. Trees, shrubs and planting beds are irrigated by drip or soaker hoses
  6. Weeds have been removed to keep them from using water meant for plants
  7. There is at least 1" of mulch for my plants and trees to help them retain moisture.


Complete Landsculpture is an award-winning, full-service landscape architecture firm offering comprehensive, innovative and creative solutions for residential and commercial outdoor needs since 1985. Complete Landsculpture serves the Dallas/ Fort Worth and Oklahoma City metro areas and prides itself on the professional, dependable and exceptional services and expertise. Complete Landsculpture has a unique insight into creating and preserving resources essential to appreciating the luxuries of nature- Creating a Complete Outdoor Experience.



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