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Homes for Homeless Families  

M28 Ministries is elated to announce our new program to provide  temporary homes for homeless families. We have named this new addition to our ministry 

The 2nd Mile.   

My Mom & cousin Ronnie 1949


The How, The Lord made it abundantly clear that this was a program He wanted us to establish by the amazing conformations to our prayers seeking His will as to whether this was us or Him.  In February 2013 we found out that a house 1 block from the park we have The Bridge Ministry in every Saturday belonged to my (Jeff) great grandparents.The amazing thing is that the house was not build there it was built in the country North of Lawton around 1935-1940 and was moved to is  current 

Front of Big House
Front of Big House 2014
location around 1950. While we were not sure what God meant for us to do at the time we did understand that The Lord had a purpose for placing my great grandparents' house 1 block away from the heart of our local ministry! We committed to continue to pray about this until The Lord gave us clear conformation of what we were to do. In early November 2013 I felt led to go to the tax assessor's office to find out who owned the property. I sat down with a lady from the tax assessor's office and she pulled it up on the computer. She looked at the file on the computer and looked at me with a surprised look on her face and quietly said to me
Big house carport & Small house
 "the person who owns this property is sitting with my col
league across the aisle from you"! I was stunned by her comment and needed a minute to process what she had told me. This was like a modern version of the burning bush to me. I clearly understood The Lord wanted us to move forward so I followed the owner of the property out to the hallway and asked it the property was for sale, I was told it was. I remember thinking, ok God what do I do now? We didn't have the money
Add a description
Small House
needed to purchase the property so I was trying to think how we could purchase the property and have a mortgage and be able to 
use it for the ministry. Amazingly The Lord sent and Angel, who wants to remain anonymous, that was familiar with our ministry and after hearing how The Lord had revealed His desire for M28 to purchase the property provided the funds necessary to purchase the property!!! By God's grace and provision M28 Ministries purchased the property paid in full. Not only did we now own my great grandparents' house (the big house) there is also a small detached 2 bedroom house (the small house) on the property. WOW!!! We serve a truly amazing God!


The what. Now that we owned the property free and clear we were able

Small House demo
Small House demo
to consider different things that we could do with the property. The Lord led us to use the property to help homeless families get back on their feet. The 2nd Mile's purpose is to help homeless families get back on their feet by giving them temporary housing until they can secure permanent, sustainable housing. We believe it is very important for families to stay together but that is often difficult because of the limited facilities to house homeless families. The 2nd Mile program allows the family to stay together while they work their way through their circumstances and 
 get back on their feet. We are partnering with, Family Promise of Lawton http://www.familypromiseoflawton.org/ to identify the families that will come to The 2nd Mile program. The families will continue to be in the Family Promise program where they will continue to receive assistance and guidance to help them stay on track and not become homeless again.


The Plan. When finished will have three, 2 bedroom homes which we will use to help 3 homeless families at a time. The renovations are being done
Small House demo
Small House demo
in 2 phases. Phase 1 is to renovate the "small house", we are striping the inside down to the studs and replacing, everything (electric, plumbing, heat, air, floors, walls, ceilings, kitchen, bathroom...) in the house.  Phase 2 we will be converting "the big house", a  large 3 bedroom into a duplex with 2 bedrooms in each home.We have already completed the demolition on phase one, thanks to the help of many amazing volunteers. We are ready to start the renovation process of phase 1 but are in need of funds to begin. So we need your help to
Small House demo
Small House demo
move forward, please keep The 2nd Mile program in your prayers and share it with others as you are led. We ask you to prayerfully consider financially supporting The 2nd Mile program, with as generous a gift as possible, to help us complete this project and start moving families in. M28 Ministries Inc. a 501c3 non-profit organization making your gift tax deductible. You can also help by connecting us with your church, a business or civic organization where we can share the need with others and help them catch the vision of The 2nd Mile.


The estimated cost for Phase 1 is $15,000.00


The estimated cost for Phase 2 in $30,000.00


            Total project cost $45,000.00


Please make your check out to M28 Ministries and place a note (please don't write it on the check) with your check saying The 2nd Mile.


Please contact me with any questions you might have at, 

cell-580-695-5196 or email- jeff@m28ministries.org


Click here to give online Note:If you send you financial gift through Pay Pal we only receive 97% of your gift. To insure we receive 100% of your gift it is best to mail us a check.  


Visit our website at www.m28ministries.org to find out more about our ministry. Please keep M28 Ministries and all our ministry partners in prayer. We need your prayers desperately as we engage the enemy head on in the battle for the lost souls in the world.     


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   May God bless you and your family abundantly. Look for more updates in the weeks to come to learn about all that God is doing through M28 Ministries. 
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