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2013 Cross Country Adventure
Fort Boonesborough Kentucky
Jeff Julie & Abby
at Fort Boonesborough Kentucky

Well we are finally getting caught after being on the road for 3 weeks on our first missionary journey in the U.S., to say it was an adventure is an understatement! We are so blessed to be able to travel across our great country and see beautiful and amazing
Hills of West Virginia
Beautiful Hills of West Virginia
scenes of nature that God has painted on His canvas that we call Earth. We left home on the 9th of October and returned home on the 1st of November during that time we drove 3850 miles and
Ohio River
View of Ohio River from or camp site
traveled through 10 states Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi & Alabama. We want to say a special thanks to all o
Light House near Virginia Beach
Jeff Julie & Abby  at
Light House near Virginia Beach
our friends and family who showed us such great hospitality and introduced us to their church's, friends & family as we traveled through their area. Without their help we would not be able to make the new relationships necessary to provide the resources needed to support our growing international ministry work. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!


Show Down With satan 

Well this trip was not without adventure and some unwanted challenges. While we were in Virginia traveling to the next camp site we were staying at we ran into a ditch, I still say the ditch jumped out and got us LOL. By God's grace no one was hurt, except my pride and my imaginary image of myself as a NASCAR driver with mad skills, but our truck and fifth wheel Inside camper 1 were not so lucky. The truck was damaged on all sides with the worst damage being on the passenger side of the bed. The camper was severely damaged and needed some sheet metal patches on both sides of the rear of the camper. Thanks Grady for the sheet metal and s  crews! The inside of the camper was a total back of camper mess, Julie said it looked like a tornado went through and I thought it looked like all our stuff and all the food in jars had been put into a blender. We had jars of peanut butter, Inside camper 2picante sauce, peppers, pickles... all mixed  together and splattered on the walls, ceiling, and floor not just the tile but the carpet too. As we looked at all the damage and mess we started to have a meltdown but the Holy Spirit led me to pray;

"Matthew 18:20 For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them.",  

so we joined hands and I prayed out loud "that this victory satan thinks he has be snatched from his hands, and that through the power of the Holy Spirit and in the Name of Jesus Christ we claimed satan defeated and it to be a victory not a defeat; that we would not be discouraged but encouraged by the fact that satan was trying so hard to get us to quit and go home." When I finished praying the first thing that came to my

Greenmonte Fellowship
Greenmonte Fellowship

mind to say was "look out we are going to have an amazing day in the Lord tomorrow at Greenmonte Fellowship Church and the Lord is going to begin a mighty partnership between us. We did have a mighty time of worship

Greenmonte Fellowship
Greenmonte Fellowship

and I believe the beginning of our ministry

partnership has been divinely established! Fortunately for the remainder of the trip we were able to stay in the homes of friends and family as the camper was no longer habitable. So after a lot of prayer and another tire blow out we were able to get the camper home. The camper is a total loss so we will have to start looking for a replacement.


We are in need of your Prayers and financial help 

We really struggled with writing this part but after much prayer we feel the Holy Spirit leading us to, so we will. The struggle has been whether or not to ask for financial help in replacing the camper. There are so many needs within the ministry form supporting Sister Sarita and the orphan children at Bethany Children's home in India, to building churches and teaching pastors with our partner Brother Rupak at Frontier Care Ministry in India & Nepal that replacing a camper seems unimportant. The Holy Spirit has shown us that the camper is a very important tool in the ministry and it must be replaced as soon as possible. Here are some of the reasons,

  • Without the camper, our missionary journeys in America would be much more expensive as the 3 of us would need to stay in hotels and would have to eat out for all our meals. For example this past 3 week missionary journey would have cost more than $6000.00 but with the camper it only cost $1800.00.
  • It is through these missionary journeys in America that The Lord will divinely connects us with the churches and people He has chosen to help support and carry out the international ministry work of M28 Ministries, like Bethany Children's Home & Frontier Care Ministries.
  • By using this form of travel we have the flexibility to make changes to our travel itinerary as we are led by the Holy Spirit.  
So we ask you to prayerfully consider blessing us with a personal financial gift that we can use to purchase a used fifth wheel camper. We are planning trips in January and the March-April time frame so we really need your help as soon as possible. This would be personal support so please make your check payable to Jeff Or Julie Henderson and write "camper" on the memo line. Julie and I thank you so much for your consideration and continued prayers.


Visit our website at www.m28ministries.org to find out more about our ministry. Please keep M28 Ministries and all our ministry partners in prayer. We need your prayers desperately as we engage the enemy head on in the battle for the lost souls in the world.     


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   May God bless you and your family abundantly. Look for more updates in the weeks to come to learn about all that God is doing through M28 Ministries. 
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