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Urgent need to complete
 2 churches in India & Nepal
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 Currently we have 5 churches under construction with our ministry partner Frontier Care Ministry "FCM" in India and Nepal. I want to share with you 2 of the churches that need our help ASAP. One of the churches is nearly completed just lacking the doors and windows, and another is about Half way done. The work has stopped on these churches because they have run out of money to complete the church. Please read the following two emails I received from Bro. Rupak about the urgent need to complete these churches.   

Email #1 dated 11/30/2013 

Unfinished Church
"I am sending you this report for the church in Darjeeling, Singbungdera village. This church is with FCM and we have been trying to help them. 
New body  belivers
New body of believers 
The church is a growing church with believers mostly from the Buddhist community. 

Please pass this report on for prayers.
This is a new church started a year ago in a remote village in Darjeeling by Pastor Subba.  The church
Worshiping in pastors house
Worshiping in pastors house
building is unfinished because of lack of funds.  I request you to advocate for this cause,as you have been doing. We had the baptism service in one of the streams in January.The water was so cold that I almost froze. I am happy that the church is growing with new people coming to Christ. At present the believers are gathering at the pastors house for worship and prayer. It is very difficult and congested a small room of 10X12.  Pray that the remaining work will be completed by 2014. The estimated cost to complete this project is $1800 There is also a new church planted by this church which is among the Lepcha Tribes"   



Email #2 dated 11/30/2013  


Building the church.jpg
Building the church
"This update is on the FCM church which was recently started in Darjeeling, in Rangit Mazuwa among the Lepcha tribals. The work has tremendously grown with many Buddhists family coming to Christ. In the beginning the believers met at the pastors house in one room. After few weeks they had to break
New belivers from mountain village.jpg
New believers from mountain village
the wooden partition wallas the numbers
increased. Finally there was no room for the newcomers, so the pastor himself donated a portion of his land and started constructing a small church. FCM also was able to provide some help to put the walls and roofs. The pastor wanted to  dedicate the church before Christmas on 11th December, when all the pastors
Worshiping in pastors home
Worshiping in pastors home
meet for our monthly meeting. Doors and windows are yet to be
completed. There is a need for about $500 to help complete the church before the dedication. Please pray with me and please share this urgent need with friends
Baptizing new beliver.jpg
Baptizing new believer
  who would be willing to give. I know there are many other priority, but dedicating this church after completion will be a great testimony for the new believers and also many non Christian Buddhists people who also witness the works of the church. There is a great breakthrough in the lives of non Christians as they see many broken families are living happily after becoming Christians, Many alcoholics have changed their ways.There is also a great awakening among the Lepcha tribes with the gospel of Jesus. Pray that many souls will come to the Lord." 


Please prayerfully consider giving as generously as you can to help complete these 2 churches. It will be very encouraging to our brothers and sisters in Christ in these 2 villages to see the Lord move in peoples hearts on the other side of the world give to complete their church.  
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