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Urgent Needed at BCH 
"Markus's Treatment"


Jaigon, India   

Urgent Need at "BCH" Bethany Children's Home!

Jeff & Julie at BCH 2013
from left; Pramilla, Markus, Jeff, Julie, Sarita, David  BCH 2013

 We desperately need your prayers & financial help with this urgent medical matter. Last year we learned that Markus, the Administrator of BCH, was very sick. Markus is critical to future of BCH and has selflessly put his on needs aside so as not to take away resources from BCH. Markus has been diagnosed with leukemia and is in need of expensive medical tests and medication. Markus took Sister Sarita "founder of BCH" to the hospital last year to receive treatment for her own sickness and when the doctor saw Markus they shifted their attention to him as they saw he was gravely sick. The doctor admitted him to the hospital where they began running tests and ultimately diagnosed him with leukemia. Julie and I have been helping personally and M28 Ministries has as well but the need is much greater than we can support. Markus desperately needs your help in providing the financial support for his ongoing treatment. I asked Markus to send me details of how much money is needed to pay for the treatment the doctors have ordered; the following is Markus's unedited reply.


"Dear  uncle

Thank  you  so much  for your  gracious and encouraging  mail response.  We are glad to hear from you. Hope  ALL IS WELL ! with you all. We are continually praying for  you, your family and the  works  you are doing through  M28 Ministries.


Regarding my ongoing Medical treatments; I have NOT  done any check ups or follow up with  my Oncologist since three months  as I have already mentioned you. On my Last visit doctor was telling me to see Onco-Hepatologist  ASAP  for further professional  medication for my  Splenomegaly and Hepatomegaly.  On the other hand I needed to do check my health status  every month. And  after every one year or six months I have to  do FISH Tests ( Flourecent In Situ Hyberdization)  as well as Bone Marrow tests  which costs a lot for us. Its actually heavy expensive tests and treatments. It costs  $ 1230 USD   per test. So I decided to do  after one year, so in this coming  Last week of September through first week of October It will be one year that I started taking medicines . so I need  huge amount  in this last week of September 2013 for FISH test and Bone Marrow Tests to see the whole thing/ status of my CML.  


Next, I needed $ 150/- per  month to do other basic tests and see the doctor which I skipped for three months now. So if Lord willing  when I have the funds for that I wanted to do  it immediately because I

BCH Group pic 2013
Jeff & Julie visiting BCH 2013

have  severe  pains  some times. So uncle , as you know we are  completely  working  by Faith in God having no any income resources except our  Lord Jehovah Jireh  as  eternal   resources of strength, healing and everything. So we look unto HIM seeking HIS  timely provisional answers.


Thanks with much Prayers





Markus is facing his disease with the courage of David as he faced

Jeff & Julie with Markus at BCH 2013

Goliath, trusting completely in the Lord for his every need. He continues to deny himself and serve the Lord faithful no matter the cost!   

We need $1500.00 ASAP for the FISH test, the Bone Marrow test, medications & travel to the doctor in Siliguri. We ask you to prayerfully consider giving to help

provide for Markus's ongoing medical needs that he can continue to do the Fathers work at BCH. Please give as generously as possible. 100% of any funds given for Markus's medical treatment will go to provide for this current and future medical treatments. Please include a note with your check saying for Markus's medical treatment. (please don't write it on the check)


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