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India, Nepal 2013 Trip Report Part 1  
Jeff Julie & Abby Henderson
Henderson family pic


Earlier this year Julie and I (Jeff) Henderson traveled to India, Nepal & England on behalf of M28 Ministries Inc. The purpose of the trip was to connect with ministry partners, meet several rural partner churches to teach and encourage the body, establish new home church fellowships & check on progress of ministry projects. We visited a dozen or so churches where we preached and worshiped and got to meet some very special Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  


The following are some highlights of our trip


Siliguri, India   


After 36
Jeff & Julie with elephant in New Delhi Airport
Jeff & Julie with elephant in
New Delhi Airport
hours of traveling we arrived at Base camp with Bro. Rupak and his beautiful family. We will be in the


NE India & East Nepal for most of our time in India & Nepal.     


Jeff & Julie on a rickshaw
Jeff & Julie on a rickshaw
You haven't really experienced India until you have experienced it in a rickshaw. The drivers of the rickshaws all think they are formula 1 race car drivers as they weave in and out of traffic. You have to remember the traffic we were in was cars, motorcycles and large trucks and we were on a bike with a big back seat!  By the grace of God we arrived at our destination unscathed.


We visited pastor Silas
Pastor Silas, his wife Priscilla & children FBC Lanka Para
Pastor Silas (Pastor of Frontier Bible Church, FBC Lanka Para India), his wife Priscilla & children 2011
 at the Government hospital in Siliguri. He was very sick from the HIV virus he contracted through improper treatment while he was in the hospital several years ago for another illness. Julie and I were shocked at the conditions in the hospital. There were people everywhere and the lucky ones had beds. The good news is Silas was receiving the treatment he needed and the Lord blessed him with a bed. Silas's wife Priscilla was with him and looked exhausted. 
Julie & Pracilla 2013
Julie & Priscilla
Silas got out of the hospital a few days later and is feeling much better now. I will never complain about our hospitals in America again after seeing the conditions in the "government" hospital. Comparatively speaking the worst hospital in America would be far far better than the government run hospitals in India. Rupak reminded me that this is normal for them and most people could not afford to go to a private hospital, where the conditions are much better. The medicine Silas needs is very expensive and he can get them free in the government hospital, so when he gets really sick he goes to the hospital to get the medication. Please keep Silas & Priscilla in your prayers.

Bethany Children's Home (BCH)

Jeff & Julie at BCH 2013
Jeff & Julie at BCH 2013

Rupak, Julie and I traveled from home base to BCH  about 80 miles, to visit the children and staff / family at BCH. This would be about a 1 hour trip in America but it usually takes between 3-6 hours because of the road conditions. Believe it or not the roads were much worse than my previous trips so it was a good thing I

brought and wore my neck brace.

Children Worshiping
Children Worshiping

We arrived at BCH about 4 hours later and were greeted by all the beautiful children at BCH. They were all doing great they look fit and in very good health.  

Beautiful Garden at BCH
Beautiful Garden at BCH

 BCH is such a special place for me and I always look forward to visiting. The children at BCH are some of the strongest prayer warriors I have ever met

and every time I get to worship with them, their worship is so genuine that it feels like I am closer to God somehow. The children get up every morning at 5am for morning devotion and prayer then  in the evening they

Children eating special meal
Children eating special meal

do it again. These children are growing up to be mighty men and women of God!  We decided to have a special meal for the children where they feasted of Mutton with rice, dal and other goodies like Soda candy and cake. After that the children performed some traditional dances and sang many beautiful songs. Please keep the children at BCH, the founder Sister Sarita and her family , Markus, David and Pramilla in your prayers.  

Jeff & Julie entering Nepal
Jeff & Julie entering Nepal
Welcome to Nepal
& the
Himalaya Mountains
Pashupati Nepal...anarominic
Pashupati, Nepal




"And the lights went out!"      

Pashupati Nepal Mounti
Pashupati Nepal mountain view
FBC Pashupati Nepal
FBC Pashupati Nepal
 We departed base camp in the late morning for mountains of East Nepal. We arrived at Pashupati Nepal in the late afternoon and checked into the hotel. I have to point out that using the word hotel for our accommodation's is probably considered an abuse of the word. Julie was a trooper and toughed it out with me. I told her it could only get better from here  and thank the Lord it was . It's one thing to be ruffing it when you stay in the village and sleep in the church or at a believer's house but it is another to have to pay for the experience, LOL!  Later that evening we worshiped and I preached with  
Jeff Preaching ... Pashupati
Jeff Preaching at FBC Pashupati, Nepal
our brothers and sisters FBC Pashupati. Just before we started the electricity went out so they were getting out the candles and we had an impromptu candle light worship service, it was really quite beautiful. I kept praying that the Lord would cause the power to come back on before I preached so I could see my notes. Then just as worship finished and I was about to get up and preach the
Worshiping at FBC Pashupati Nepal
Worshiping at FBC Pashupati Nepal
power came back on and I quietly shouted halleluiah! Then Bro. Rupak leaned over and asked why I said halleluiah and I excitedly told him that the whole time we were worshiping I was praying that the power would come back on before I preached and it had! Bro Rupak looked back at me and wisely and said you should have been asking for the whole service not just your part, LOL. This church serves as the mother church to all the churches we
Jeff & Julie with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Pashupati Nepal
Jeff & Julie with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Pashupati Nepal
The man in the tan sweater is the first believer and now  senior pastor.
would be visiting over the next few days. The pastor is the eldest son of a Hindu witch doctor and the first in his family to become a follower of Jesus Christ. Now his entire family, even his father the former "witch Dr" are believers, AMEN!!!



"The Miracle on the mountain" & The big Hike and  

We had to walk to the next location, a small Buddhist village named
Steep Mountians
Steep Himalaya mountains
Lalikharka. I was told it was only about a 30 to 40 minute walk to which I thought that's not bad it will be good for us. For a moment there I forgot where I was, in the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal where there are no walks only hikes! These mountains are STEEP, making our Mt. Scott look like a mole hill. We hiked down about 1000 feet in
Jeff & Julie climbing down the mountain
Jeff & Julie climbing down the mountain.
This wasn't in the brochure! LOL
altitude over about of a mile. All kidding aside I was truly concerned about being able to climb back up the mountain. Julie and I focused on just getting to the village in one piece and left the return trip in the Lords hands. The purpose of our visit to Lalikharka was to establish a new fellowship and house church in a new believers home (formally Buddhist). This family came to Christ through a healing miracle. Their story; the wife and mother of the house was very sick (in late 20's to early 30'). She had been to see medical doctors, Buddhist
Former Bhutist family after receiveing Christ
New family after receiving Christ. The woman in the green & white sweater is the woman that the Lord Miraculously healed!
priests, Hindu witch doctors and none of them could help her, basically she was sent home to die. One day 2 young teen age girls (the daughters of the pastor from FBC Pashupati) from the village we had come from, Pashupati, were out collecting fire wood when they came close to the house of the sick woman they went over to let them know they were just there collecting fire wood. After learning that the woman was very sick and not expected to live much longer the girls asked if it would be OK if they prayed for her. The husband new they were the daughters of
New House Fellowship in Lalikharka, Nepal
the Christian pastor from Pashupati and thought why not nothing else has worked  so let's see if your God will heal her. So the two teen age sisters prayed over the woman then left with their fire wood. The husband of the sick woman told us that the next day she got out of bed completely healed! He couldn't believe it he said he was just so happy. Then two days later she became very sick again like before. The husband went up
First offical worship service in Lalikharka Nepal
First official worship service at
FBC Lalikharka, Nepal
to Pashupati and looked for the pastor of the Christian church. When he found him he told him what had happened after the girls prayed over his wife but then got sick again. Needless to say the pastor was very proud of his daughter's demonstration of faith and amazed at the results of their prayer. The husband of the sick woman told the pastor that he believed if he would bring the whole Pashupati church down to his village and pray over his wife that she would
Julie the pastor & his daugher climbing back up the Mountain
Julie the pastor & his daughter climbing back up the Mountain
be healed permanently. So the pastor gathered up all the people of the church and they went down to pray for the complete healing of the sick women. By the power of our almighty God the sick woman was healed!!! That was about 2 months before Julie and I and Bro. Rupak and other pastors hiked down this mountain and had the amazing
Resting on the climb back up the mountain
Resting on the climb back up the mountain. Sure could use one of those donkeys we saw earlier!
honor of dedicating the home ofour new brother and sister in Christ's as a FBC House Church. By this time the formerly sick woman, her husband and her sister have accepted Jesus as their savior!!! AMEN!!! They are the first seeds of Christ in this village where I trust The Lord will do mighty things and much fruit will be born! The dreaded climb back up the mountain. To
Julie & the pastors duughter climbing back up the Mountain
Julie & the pastors daughter climbing back up the Mountain
me this is a miracle itself! All I can say is the Lord gave me supernatural strength and I was not only able to make the climb up but I was the first one to the top! Julie and I stopped for a short rest when I realized that just 6 months before this hike I was in the hospital recovering from another neck surgery when I lost all my strength on the left side of my body, and By God's Amazing Grace He restored it and today I was climbing up a mountain in Nepal! Thank you Jesus for you healing power!!!  Can I get an AMEN!!!

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