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A short Praise report!
The Bridge Park Ministry (BPM) is the first ministry work the Lord called Julie and I to do in 2009 when He called us out of our business life into full time missions work; this September will be the 4 year anniversary of the BPM. From the very first day, we were committed to only go through doors that the Lord opened for us and not try to open them ourselves. We have not sought news coverage or promoted the BPM other than handing out flyers in the BP neighborhood and periodic announcements ay our church
(Thanks Dayspring!). Each year we have to move the BPM indoors to a church a couple blocks away (Thanks Word Alive church!) for the winter months. From the beginning we have felt that we were to be in the park year round but it was not possible because the pavilion we meet in is not enclosed. We have been praying that the Lord would make it clear when we were to start the process of enclosing the facility and make other improvements to the park. This past November we felt the Lord telling us it was time, so we began praying that the Lord would make the path smooth and straight and He would cause everything to happen in His perfect timing and that we would only take each step in the process when He says to. This past Saturday much to our surprise our local TV station came out to BP and wanted to do a story about what we were doing at BP. They did interviews and shot lots of video and put together a very good story about BPM, which aired that day on the 6pm and 10pm news cast. This may not seem to be an amazing manifestation of the Lords perfect timing by itself but it is when you take into account that just a few weeks ago we sent a letter to the City of Lawton asking permission to start raising funds to make the improvements necessary for us to be able to stay in BP year round. Gods timing is perfect! The TV station could have done a story on BPM anytime in the past 4 years but the Lord sent them at this time to spread the word of the work being done through BPM that individuals, churches, organizations & business's can help in providing the necessary funds to make the improvements to BP & if led volunteer to serve on Saturdays. We are also excited that through this TV coverage others in need might come and have their physical needs met with food, clothing... while they are there they will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ preached feeding their spiritual needs too! To God be the Glory!!!
click here to see the KSWO-TV video 
Some ways you can get involved with the Bridge Park Ministry.  Julie and I ask you to please keep us in your prayers as we faithfully do the work the Father has called us to. M28 Ministries is a 501c3 tax exempt organization which means any financial gift you give to M28 Ministries is tax-deductible. Again we thank you for your prayers, friendship and financial support. May God bless you in all you do!
If you would like to help support the work being done through BPM with a financial gift Please make your check payable to; M28 Ministries place a note in with the check saying, for Bridge Park.  

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   May God bless you and your family abundantly. Look for more updates in the weeks to come to learn about all that God is doing within our ministry and our ministry partners ministries.
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