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 2012 A Year Of Challenges & Triumphs  


 Julie, Abby & I send our warmest regards to you and hope that your Henderson family picnew year is off to a good start and that you had a blessed Christmas.
It has been a while since we have sent a ministry update out. So in this update we will catch you up on what has been happening in our lives in the last half of 2012. This past year has been a very challenging one for us, but by the grace of God we've persevered.
First we suffered the loss of family members, two of my (Jeff) great Aunts followed by the loss of Julie's mom Dorothy in May. While the loss ofAbby & leaves   loved ones was painful, we rejoice in the peace of knowing that they all had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and that we will see them again in heaven. On May 14, Julie, Abby and I travel back to England to be with Julie's family and for her mom's funeral. It was truly a blessing for the three of us to be able to travel together and spend the time in England mourning the loss together. While it was a Family B&W difficult time, the Lord did some amazing things during those three  weeks. He healed some family relationships that had been fractured for a long time, and he birthed a new part of our ministry there in Ipswich England were Julie is from. I felt the Holy Spirit strongly moving in me that we were to establish a new branch of our ministry there in Ipswich. By what I believe to be a divine appointment the Lord led us to Ipswich Community Church (ICC) where we met pastor Rod Stone and his wife Mandy. We look forward to seeing how the Lord will use ICC and M28 Ministries together in the future.
We returned home from England on 1 June. The third week of JuneFunny Family  Julie and I served as sponsors with our churches youth group and went to Falls Creek, a Christian youth camp In Oklahoma. We were at Falls Creek for one week and were blessed by witnessing all that God is doing with the students of Dayspring Community Church. We are blessed to be able to serve as adult leaders of DCC's youth group, and see the spiritual growth of all the students.

Jeff Julie B&W After our trip to England the Lord was really convicting us to make significant changes in our lives, that we would not be a financial burden to M28 Ministries. We've now made all the changes the Lord has led us to make we have left our farm and are now living in Lawton Oklahoma where we are able to live comfortably on my military disability retirement. Surprisingly we are really enjoying living back in the city. We're definitely not missing the commute to town especially with fuel prices the way they are today. The Lord has been faithful, and provides for our every need that we do not need to receive a salary from the Family Julz & Abby leaning out ministry or spend time trying to raise personal support but can live on his perfect provision. We are so happy to say that 100% of every dollar given to M28 ministries is used to support the programs of the ministry and our ministry partners abroad. We do however need to raise support  for travel which will be extensive this year so please prayerfully consider providing financial support for our travel. We are also excited to say we are now an official 501c3 organization which means any financial gift you give to M28 ministries will be tax-deductible.
 Around the end of June my neck started hurting more and more each day, after consulting with neurologists and a neurosurgeon it was determined that another surgery on my neck was necessary to remove  Abby sitting   the bone spur that was pushing upon my spinal cord. We were told the recovery for the surgery would be 3 to 5 days in the hospital and two months at home. I had surgery on August 28 and there were complications from the very beginning that made the procedure much more difficult than anticipated. In the end the surgery was successful in removing the pressure on my spinal cord but it was a very invasive surgery and my body needed time to adjust to all that had been done. I was released from the hospital on September 14 and had to wear a rigid cervical collar on my neck and was not allowed to drive. On December 7 the Doctor finally allowed me to remove the cervical collar which was a great relief, I really grew to hate that thing, and removed the driving restriction, so needless to say I drove home from hospital. Although I still have a few problems with my legs, I am now fully recovered and look forward to an amazing 2013.
Family with sunbeam During my recovery the Lord has given me clarity on what M28 Ministries should be working on right now. Our objective and primary focus is always to fulfill the great commission (Matthew 28:19-20) in all parts of our ministry. We have now established a Pastor Support program, an Orphan Support program and a Pastor Scholarship program to send new believers in West Bengal India and Eastern Nepal to a one-year Bible course. We also have several building projects that we need to raise support for. We will be sending more updates in the near future with more details about these different programs. Until then please keep us in your prayers, that we may remain true to the Lords will in our endeavor to serve our mighty King.

If you would like to give to M28 Ministries general fund 100% of the monies received will be used to support the various programs and projects of the ministry. M28 Ministries Inc. is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization making your gift tax deductible.


Visit our website www.m28ministries.org  to see some of the other financial needs we have as well as the needs of our ministry partners. Most importantly, please keep M28 Ministries and all our ministry partners in prayer. We need your prayers desperately as we engage the enemy head on in the battle for the lost souls in the world.


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   May God bless you and your family abundantly. Look for more updates in the weeks to come to learn about all that God is doing within our ministry and our ministry partners ministries.
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