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February 2014    

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The Newsletter of the Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) & Livable Roadways Committee (LRC)


This month's safety tip



Hillsborough County has already had 2 bicycle fatalities in 2014. Please help us spread the word about safety!


 For more information contact Michele Ogilvie at 813.273.3774 x317.  

Get ready to Coast around Tampa 

What makes a city a great place to live? The City of Tampa believes the launch of its first bike sharing program will contribute to the Tampa's livability. Mayor Bob Buckhorn announced Coast Bike Share at a recent press conference, "Coast Bike Share is part of the equation in continuing to attract new jobs and young professionals, who want livable cities with amenities like this that improve their quality of life.
"I'm thrilled to launch Coast Bike Share and cannot wait until the bikes roll out on our streets. Bike sharing programs like ours are easy, affordable, and a healthy mode of transportation," said Mayor Bob Buckhorn. Designed by Social Bicycles, the bikes will have a driveshaft instead of a chain, making the bikes friendlier to well-dressed commuters and more resistant to vandals.


Proposed hub locations for Coast's first phase of implementation were also announced. Those locations will connect Downtown, Hyde Park, Ybor City, and Davis Islands. The Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) looks forward to being able to Coast around town. BPAC Chair Jim Shirk, a longtime supporter of human powered transportation, reflecting on the committee's view said, "Bike share programs provide alternatives to the short drive trip. We will now have an easier way to get from point A to B in Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods on a bicycle.




Bike share is where bikes for public use are parked at various locations and can be rented by anyone for short trips. This service is popular in cities around the world, including New York, Washington, D.C., London, and Paris.  

Congratulations to MPO & advisory committees officers for 2014

MPO Committee presentation

Congratulations to new and re-elected officers of the MPO and its Advisory Committees!

The MPO By-Laws require that officers be elected at the first meeting of each year. At its meeting of January 7th, Hillsborough County Commissioner Mark Sharpe was re-elected both as MPO Chair and Tampa City Councilwoman Lisa Montelione as Vice Chair.

Later in January, the Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee re-elected James E. Shirk as Chair and Tina Russo as Vice Chair.

The Livable Roadways Committee will be chaired by
Councilwoman Lisa Montelione, and the committee re-elected Nina Mabilleau as its Vice Chair. Temple Terrace Councilman Grant Rimbey was elected as Officer At-Large for The LRC.

Citzens Advisory Committee re-elected Ed Austin as Chair, elected Wayne Traina as their Vice Chair, and re-elected Dennis Meyers as their Officer At-Large.

Last but not least, the MPO Policy Committee voted to retain Hillsborough County Commissioner Les Miller as Chair, and Tampa City Councilman Harry Cohen as Vice Chair.

Gasparilla bike rodeo attracts young pirates

Photo courtesy of Andy Waitman

More than 200 kids and their parents registered and took part in the Gasparilla bike rodeo on Saturday, January 18th. Helmets were fitted and given away to 203 riders.  Most of the youngsters went through a short bicycle course set up on beautiful Bayshore Boulevard, which was closed to traffic for the bike rodeo and children's parade later in the day.

The rodeo has become a tradition, held each year in conjunction with the Gasparilla Children's Parade.  Thanks to the BPAC members, local law enforcement officers, and other agency staff and volunteers who helped organize and run the rodeo.

MPO approves Brandon Boulevard study 

The MPO board approved the Brandon Blvd/SR 60 study on January 7, 2014, including a number of recommendations to make this busy highway safer and easier to navigate by drivers, bicyclists and people on foot.


The study analyzed traffic and crash data to identify trends and potential areas of concern. Issues identified included:  

  • Potential increase in freight traffic, due in part to CSX Integrated Logistics Center being built in neighboring Polk County
  • High speed limits, notably 50 mph around the I-75 interchange and east of Bryan Rd
  • Physical constraints on the six-lane segment between Kings Avenue and Bryan Road and the lack of bicycle lanes there
  • Lack of sidewalks west of Grand Regency Boulevard / Brandon Town Center Drive and limited crosswalks at the intersection with SR 60
  • Increasing congestion on parallel facilities (Lumsden Road and Bloomingdale)
  • High number of crashes at SR 60 intersection with Grand Regency Boulevard / Brandon Town Center Drive

Based on forecasts for 2035, traffic volumes on the corridor are projected to grow by nearly 50% in some areas. The study identified parallel local roads that could relieve congestion on SR 60. After close coordination with FDOT, the study makes a number of recommendations, subject to more detailed analysis and meeting state and local standards. Potential enhancements address:



  • A speed study to evaluate lowering the speed limit to 45 mph along the entire corridor
  • Narrowing all travel lanes to 11 feet, allowing for more separation between bicycle lanes and motor vehicles
  • New traffic signals, including walk signals, on SR 60 at Pauls Drive and Beverly Boulevard, subject to warrant studies
  • Modifying the coordinated signal timing and/or an adaptive signal system
  • Enhanced traffic signal visibility
  • Dynamic message signs


  • Extending existing parallel roads to provide alternatives to SR 60 for local trips
  • Additional sidewalk connections on side roads
  • A bicycle and pedestrian path on the south side SR 60 to traverse the I-75 interchange
  • Designated alternate bike corridors in the area, especially for the portion of SR 60 that doesn't have bike lanes
  • Modifying the configuration of Lithia-Pinecrest Road and Bryan Road to provide better circulation


  • A unified signage and wayfinding system for travelers on SR 60
  • Additional landscaping, consistent with the adopted SR 60 Overlay District

These recommendations are just concepts at this time. More detailed analyses, including environmental and design studies, as well as cost estimating and funding will be necessary before the recommendations can be implemented. 


For more information contact Lisa Silva at 813.273.3774 x329.

Courtney Campbell Trail grand opening 

Photo courtesy of Lori Marable.

The Courtney Campbell Trail Grand Opening of the Hillsborough segment was celebrated on on November 16th at 9:00 a.m. FDOT District Seven Secretary Paul Steinman, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, Hillsborough County Commission Chair Ken Hagan, and Courtney Campbell Scenic Highway Corridor Advisory Committee Chair Bill Jonson participated in  the ribbon cutting, marking the official opening of the trail.


The trail is located on the south side of the Causeway & when completed will include two free-standing bridges that offer panoramic views from as high as 45 ft above Tampa Bay.  The first segment of the trail is a six mile section from Rocky Point to the Hillsborough County line.  


The remaining three mile section from the Hillsborough County line to Bayshore Boulevard in Clearwater is scheduled to open in 2015.


For more information, contact Michele Ogilvie at 813.273.3774 x 317.  

Florida focuses on walk & bike safety


At a joint meeting in December, the BPAC and LRC (Bicycle/Pedestrian and Livable Roadways Committees) heard a presentation by FDOT District One Secretary Billy Hattaway, who serves as FDOT's Statewide Champion for Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety.

Mr. Hattaway gave an update on statewide initiatives to improve biking and walking safety. In November 2011, FDOT Secretary Ananth Prasad charged Mr. Hattaway with championing Florida's Bicycle/Pedestrian Focused Initiative. Secretary Hattaway quickly formed a team and began working towards the goal of increasing awareness and decreasing fatalities of bicyclists and pedestrians in Florida. The Focused Initiative is the first statewide, data-driven program that targeted enforcement and educational resources to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety in 10 priority counties, including Hillsborough.

As a result, the Initiative was awarded the 2013 Governors Highway Safety Association's Peter K O'Rourke Special Achievement Award. Secretary Hattaway related that safety and accommodation are goals that will encourage people to walk.

Members discussed what can be done to make sure that the bicycle has the same rights as a bus, car or truck. The distance between crosswalks and their visibility was discussed. LRC Chair, Tampa Councilwoman Lisa Montelione stated that Fowler Avenue and Busch Boulevard are examples of state roads that remain dangerous and discourage bicyclists and walkers from crossing.

More information.
The League's got safe bicycling tips & videos
The League of American Bicyclists logo The League of American Bicyclists has been teaching people to ride bicycles safely since the early 1970s. Check out these cool tips and videos, and learn to Ride Smart:


Rules of the road 


Smart cycling tips

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Driver convicted in 2011 bicycle fatality near USF



Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the family and friends of Dr. Robert Niedbalec who was killed while riding his bicycle nearly three years ago.


The MPO Board, staff, and all of its advisory committees - inspired by the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee and the Livable Roadways Committee - remain steadfast in our commitment to safe travel for all modes of transportation. We look forward to a time when there are no more pedestrian or bicyclist fatalities to report.  




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