Students do the Twist, 1962
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Life, Liberty, and the Twist


This Fourth of July week, as Americans celebrate freedom at cookouts and fireworks displays, the Lawrence Arts Center invites Kansans to consider 1962, a time in our nation's history when freedom was put to the test in American politics and culture.


'Mad Men,' The Twist, and Cold War Politics in Kansas, 1962 features panel discussions -- led by professors in history, American Studies, African American studies, film studies, art history, and theater -- on a range of topics that offer a look at Kansas in the context of international politics, national social movements, and early 1960s pop culture. Topics include:


Cold War Internationalism

Tuesday, July 2  6 PM
How did Kansas Senators Schoeppel, Pearson, and Carlson deal with nuclear arms and the Cold War's impact on foreign policy? Panelists include Christopher Mullis, University of Melbourne; Jon Taylor, University of Central Missouri; and Robert Davis, School of Advanced Military Studies at Command & General Staff College. Moderator: Jonathan Hagel, University of Kansas. 


Civil Rights Protest

Tuesday, July 9  6 PM

How did civil rights protests impact Kansas? What impact did the Brown v. Board decision have on the state? Panelists include Bill Tuttle, University of Kansas; Gretchen Eick, Friends University; and Clarence Lang, University of Kansas. Moderator: Randal Jelks, University of Kansas. 


1960s Popular Culture

Tuesday, July 16  6 PM

How did television dance shows, films, popular music, and dance crazes impact the Midwest? Panelists include Ted Meadows, Johnson County Community College; Jeff Moran, University of Kansas; Rebecca Miller Davis, University of Missouri-Kansas City; and Chuck Berg, University of Kansas. Moderator: David Cateforis, University of Kansas. 


'Mad Men,' The Twist, and Cold War Politics in Kansas, 1962 is supported by a KHC Humanities grant. The events are part of the "Behind the Story Series" events offered as part of the Lawrence Arts Center's production of "Hairspray." For event details and more, visit the Lawrence Arts Center's website.  


P.S. The Lawrence Arts Center is also hosting a Twist-a-thon on July 12.  if you want to dust off your "Twist" moves, here's some inspiration:


The Twist - Chubby Checker
The Twist - Chubby Checker


Banner Image: High school students do "The Twist," 1962. Library of Congress.