Mission Central's programs are staffed almost entirely by volunteers. You can join our volunteer team of 600+ people by contacting Catherine Hollis at catherine.hollis@missioncentraltx.org. We currently need volunteers at the Village Pantry and Coat of Many Colors, and will soon be recruiting volunteers to help tutor new students at the Village Library.
November 13
Mobile Food Pantry
We are in need of an awning for the back door of the Village Pantry, so that we can unload deliveries in the rain without damaging the items. If you'd like to help with this, please contact Paula Jernigan at paula.jernigan@missioncentraltx.org.
President: Monte Ramey
Vice President: Jay Thompson
Secretary: Donna Barnes
Treasurer: Henry Joyner
Past President: Dorothy Leaderer


Stan Cramb
Clint Jones
Kevin Henson
David Nash
Bob Nethers
Michael Ramey
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New signs make Mission Central easy to find
Have you ever had trouble finding Mission Central? Not anymore! We're proud to announce that we have installed new signs at both Mission Central's Community Resource Center and the Village Library.

Staff and volunteers have often had difficulty describing our location to those who wish to visit Mission Central. There had been no way to identify our facilities from the street, and visitors had to be very close in order to see the posters we had been using to identify the buildings. Our neighbors in need of food and other services often had trouble finding us.

Thanks to several generous donors, these signs now make it easy for our guests to find us, so they can receive the services they need. Our lead donor, Aubrey Lewis, heard of our need for signage, and stepped up to provide much of the funding needed for this project. Because of his gift and leadership, other donors also understood the importance of the signs and made additional donations to make our new signs a reality.

We hope you'll drive by to see our new signs, and we'd love for you to stop in and say "hello!" Our address is 740 East Pipeline Road in Hurst, and the Village Library is just next door at 742 East Pipeline Road.
Give gifts that give back this holiday season
tree_in_cart.jpgThe winter holidays are just around the corner, and the volunteers and staff at the Coat of Many Colors are getting ready to make your holiday shopping easy.

In the past month, our talented volunteers and staff have been crafting away -- taking donations to the store that weren't quite perfect and upcycling them into beautiful, one-of-a-kind decorations and gifts. During the second week of November, they'll be transforming the store into a winter wonderland to help make your holiday decorating and gift-shopping fun.

The best part, of course, is that the gifts you purchase at the Coat of Many Colors help support Mission Central's programs in our community. When you give a gift from the Coat of Many Colors, you are helping empower our neighbors in need to improve their own quality of life.
Contact staff through new email addresses
email_icon.jpg Need to contact a member of Mission Central's staff? All staff members now have consistent email addresses to make it easy for you to remember how to keep in touch. If you know who you want to contact, simply use the format: [firstname.lastname]@missioncentraltx.org. 

Not sure who to contact? You can always find our contact information on our website.
740 E. Pipeline Road
Hurst, TX 76053