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MAY 2014
Last year, Mission Central earned more than $1,400 through "rewards" programs at Tom Thumb, Kroger, and Albertson's.  If you shop at any of these stores, be sure to link your rewards card to Mission Central. It's an easy way to help empower your neighbors in need!
May 29
Last day of after-school tutoring for the spring semester.
June 11
Summer tutoring begins.
June 13
Mobile Food Pantry
As we prepare to move Mission Central's offices and the Village Pantry to a larger space, we have many needs for furnishings and equipment. If you can help provide any of the following items, please contact Paula Jernigan at 817-595-0011 or missioncentralmetroplex@hotmail.com to make a donation or for more details on the specific equipment needed.
Reception area chairs
Large whiteboard
Overhead screen
Overhead projector
Commercial cooler
Ramp scale
Stainless steel sink
Stainless steel tables
5-drawer file cabinets
Baby changing station
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Connect2Help offers support, resources to neighbors in crisis
paper-people-chain.jpgMany of our guests to the Village Pantry have recently experienced a crisis: the loss of a job, a move to a new town, or a recent medical diagnosis. When they walk through our doors, some have never negotiated social service agencies before and can be a little lost, confused, and uninformed.

In response to this need, Mission Central launched Connect2Help last November. When guests visit the Village Pantry and seem to have a new situation that has left them in unfamiliar territory, our volunteers may refer them to Connect2Help Coordinator Donna Barnes.  Donna chats with the guest, learns more about their needs, and then helps them find other community resources that can help with their situation.

"Sometimes guests come to Mission Central who are so panicked that they can't think clearly," said Director of Family Services Melody Wilson, who oversees Connect2Help. "Other times they are so depressed that they can't take all the steps necessary to find the information they need. Through Connect2Help, we can give our guests a little room to breathe while we help find organizations that can help."

In just a few months, many families have been helped through Connect2Help. One couple had recently learned that the husband had stage 4 cancer. They were devastated emotionally and were having problems getting to the treatment center and medical appointments. Donna connected the couple with a local cancer-care center, as well as shared information about medical transportation and Medicaid. They left Mission Central with less anxiety and tools for moving forward.

Other families have received help finding emergency tutoring for a child who was performing poorly in just one class, advice for finding housing in a challenging situation, contact information for depression services, and help making an appointment to apply for SNAP benefits.
Village Library students have successful school year
Students at the Village Library had lots of reasons to celebrate at their recent year-end party.  Eighty percent of the students in the program made all A's and B's on their last report card, and fourteen percent of them made straight A's.

The Village Library offers one-on-one tutoring to more than 45 students each year. Students receive help with their homework, as well as help building their math and reading skills.  Beyond academics, students also get support, empathy, and kindness from more than 70 volunteers who share their time at the Village Library.
Tennis program adds fun to spring semester
Village Library students had a chance this spring to pick up a racket and try something new.

In partnership with Northeast Tarrant Tennis and the United States Tennis Association, Village Library students were able to participate in an introductory tennis course in March and April.  Age-based activities helped students of all ages and abilities learn about tennis and sportsmanship.  The program concluded with a party at the Hurst Tennis Center, where many students received tennis equipment to take home.  The Village Library also received several tennis rackets and balls that can be loaned out to students throughout the summer.

"This has been an amazing experience for our students," said Mary Sholty, Director of Student Enrichment. "Many of our students have never had the chance to play sports, and they were so excited to learn something new. Each week, we empower our students to succeed academically, and we jumped at this chance to empower them with a healthy pastime and improved social skills." 

Northeast Tarrant Tennis has agreed to continue the program in the fall at the Hurst Tennis Center. The program rotates times so that students may participate without interrupting their academic tutoring schedule.
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