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JULY 2013
The value of the food each guest receives at the Mobile Food Pantry is approximately $100.
July 4
All of Mission Central's programs are closed for the Independence Day holiday.
July 12
Mobile Food Pantry
August 12
6:30 p.m.: Village Library Fall Kickoff for Tutors. Location TBD.

Volunteers to help with Walmart pickups and with tutoring in the fall.
cargo vehicle for picking up donations.

A laminating machine for laminating up to legal size documents.

Your plastic grocery bags and clean egg cartons
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VBS Students Fill Our Shelves
Students at First United Methodist Church of Hurst's Vacation Bible School learned many lessons about helping their neighbors this year. 

Sixth graders were split into groups and each group was given $20 to shop for food for a family of four.  They were given ideas about how to make their money stretch, and learned about the difficulties that many families face when they have limited resources.  After shopping, the students donated their purchases to Mission Central and had the opportunity to tour our food pantry and learn more about poverty in our neighborhood.  

Other VBS students had the opportunity to help harvest vegetables from the Village Garden.  Students learned about the organic growing methods used at the Village Garden, and then got to get their hands dirty by digging up potatoes and picking tomatoes and eggplant.  These fresh vegetables were also donated to Mission Central.

All VBS students were asked to bring peanut butter and jelly each day to donate to Mission Central.  All in all, students donated 784 pounds of meals, peanut butter and jelly, and fresh produce to Mission Central during VBS 2013.  Great job!

If your church would like to partner with Mission Central during your Vacation Bible School, please contact us.  We'll be happy to share ideas on how to get students involved in a food drive while learning to care for their neighbors.
Mobile Food Pantry Volunteers Beat the Heat
On June 14th, 76 volunteers faced a true Texas summer day to share food with more than 1,300 of their neighbors.  

We were excited to welcome two new groups of volunteers - employees from Murphy USA and the Girlfriends of the Mid-Cities.  
Do you belong to a group that would like to volunteer for the Mobile Food Pantry?  We have a special opportunity for our July and August events. Because of the heat, we would like to have a clean up crew that comes in around 11 a.m.  This will allow our volunteers who have been working in the heat to go home and leave the clean up to a fresh team.  The clean-up crew would only need to allot about an hour, so this would be perfect for a group who can't spend the entire morning working.  If you're interested in being a part of the clean-up crew, please contact Catherine Hollis at 817-595-0011 or missioncentralvolunteers@gmail.com. 
Coming Soon: A Brand-New Coat Of Many Colors
Keep an eye out at the Coat of Many Colors this summer.  Construction will soon start to add space to the store as we expand into an adjoining storefront.  

This expanded space will allow us to display more merchandise and provide a better experience for both shoppers and volunteers.  
Thanks to your donations and patronage, the Coat of Many Colors generates about 60% of Mission Central's revenue.  Each time you donate your gently used items, make a purchase at the store, or volunteer your time, you are helping to empower your neighbors in need through emergency and long-term assistance programs.
Mission Central Guests To Stay Up-To-Date
In June, we started a new service for our guests: email updates.  Guests at the Village Food Pantry and Mobile Food Pantry are being invited to share their email addresses so they can receive reminders about the Mobile Food Pantry and notices about new resources.  We're excited about this new service to help our guests receive the information they need.

If you know of someone who would like to receive these notices, please have them send their name and email address to missioncentralvolunteers@gmail.com with the request to be added to the Resources email list.
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