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        February 2015    

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Quality Links

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As an active member of ACMQ, you know the valuable features the College offers to its members. We hope you will help us spread the word and encourage your colleagues to join! In appreciation for your help, we have developed the following incentives for bringing in new members:

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2. The ACMQ member who brings in the most new members* will be invited to participate in an executive level strategy meeting with 2015 Founders' Award recipient, Peter Pronovost, from Johns Hopkins University. The meeting will take place following Dr. Pronovost's keynote address at MQ 2015**. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to serve on ACMQ's Membership Committee. This is your chance to help shape the College. To participate, simply ask your colleagues to put your name in the "recruiter field" if they join online, or they can use this ACMQ membership brochure.   


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ACMQ 2015 Quality Institute


Donald E. Casey, Jr., MD, MPH, MBA, DFACMQ

Secretary, Lead Faculty for the Quality Institute





Henry Johnson Jr.

Henry C. L. Johnson, Jr., MD, MPH

2015 Program Committee Chair





Each year, ACMQ holds its traditional Quality Institute at the Annual Meeting. Over the past five years, the nature and format of the Quality Institute has evolved into one of the best attended and highly rated sessions. The Annual Meeting Committee has supported the move away from passive lecturing to a lively, interactive and timely case study format that involves negotiation and problem solving within small groups of participants. The Case Study Method has, over the past 30 years, become a very effective and proven learning method that is now used widely in business schools and other post-graduate degree programs.


The Institute has attracted highly regarded national expert faculty, who provide firm and factual foundations for small group learning. Some of our guest faculty have included nationally recognized quality leaders Drs. Carolyn Clancy, Greg Pawlson, George Isham, Kent Bottles and Bruce Bagley. Some of the leading healthcare organizations have provided additional expertise, including Advocate Health, Montefiore, Vanguard, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Thomas Jefferson School of Population Health and the Institute of Medicine.


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ABMQ certification exam: Do you have what it takes to pass?


Donald E. Fetterolf, MD, MBA, DFACMQ

President, American Board of Medical Quality


The American Board of Medical Quality (ABMQ) was initiated by ACMQ to serve as a testing and certification organization to augment the educational work of the College. In continuous operation since 2000, the Board in 2007 offered its first certification exam and credential, now referred to as Certification in Medical Quality (CMQ). Each year the exam is given at the end of the ACMQ annual meeting, conveniently for ACMQ members attending the meeting, and also at other locations during the year. Exam content includes basic quality metrics, as well as has sections in informatics, ethics, economics and quality, patient safety, organizational design and utilization management. More than two hundred clinicians have now sat for, and passed, this exam.  

Editorial: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Greg Wise, MD

Editor, Focus 

VPMA and CMO, Kettering Medical Center System

Dayton, OH 


The Commonwealth Fund provides a report card every few years on how countries rank in healthcare ratings. In June 2014, the latest report was published showing that the United States ranks last among 11 industrialized nations. The report ranks countries across a wide range of indicators including Quality Care (effective, safe, coordinated and patient-centered), Access, Efficiency, Healthy Lives and Health expenditures/Capita. The 2014 edition for the first time includes patients' and physicians' surgery results on care experiences and rating on various dimensions of care. How did we do? The U.S. ranks last overall with poor scores on all three indicators of healthy lives-mortality amenable to medical care, infant mortality and healthy life expectancy at age 60. Not surprisingly, we also rank last in regard to cost-related access, efficiency, equity and health expenditures/capita. These results differ little from the last editions of 2010, 2007, 2006 and 2004.


John Fox, the manager of the Denver Broncos, was 'separated' this week after their loss to the Indianapolis Colts. He has led the Broncos to four straight playoff seasons but failed to win the Super Bowl last year and did not become league champions this year despite having a future Hall of Fame quarterback. Many other coaches will lose their jobs as well. If healthcare rankings were run like NFL team standings, we would have fired our coach years ago. Our challenge is that we can only fire our coach every 4 years. Our healthcare congressional coaching staff has two or six year no-cut contracts and the incumbency rate is well over 90%, despite wide-spread disapproval ratings.


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West Coast Quality Improvement Symposium for Medical Students & Residents

Jerry P. Abraham, MD, MPH, CMQ


On Saturday, January 10th, the American College of Medical Quality sponsored the West Coast Quality Improvement Symposium for Medical Students & Residents.  With the generous grant and support of ACMQ, medical students from the University of Southern California (USC) Keck School of Medicine organized and hosted a successful Quality Improvement & Patient Safety event, including bringing together engaging speakers and robust participant discussions.  The West Coast event was spearheaded by Vamsi Aribindi, a leader in the ACMQ Resident & Medical Student Section.  As a third year medical student and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) trained Aerospace Engineer, he has had a passion for measuring quality, improving systems and identifying solutions to prevent and reduce errors, waste and negative outcomes. 


The keynote was delivered by Dr. Stephanie Hall, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of USC Keck Medicine, USC Keck & Norris Hospitals and Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs at the USC Keck School of Medicine.  She provided a thorough and in-depth "autopsy" of Medical Quality in the in-patient clinical setting including all of the opportunities and challenges facing health systems today and the layers of complexity presented to hospital and clinic leadership by government policies, regulatory bodies, demands from various payors, pressures from governing boards, and a whole host of other healthcare industry standards and practices. 

Why I'll Never be aPatient-Centered Medical Home


Annette Chavez, MD

Independent family medicine
Dayton, OH  


I may be getting a reputation as a bit of a crank, but I feel the need to explain my opinion of the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH). This is a pet project of several specialty societies, including the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). Now I am a proud family doctor and cannot imagine doing anything else; but, with apologies to my specialty's official organization, and to my PCMH-champion colleague, Ted Wymyslo, I'll explain further.


It is no secret that our specialty is not popular amongst medical students. We are at the bottom of the hierarchical ladder and pay scale, but I will never doubt that we are the single most important specialty when it comes to a wide spectrum of care for a huge base of patients. The PCMH at some point is supposed to be a way for FP's to be more fairly recognized and compensated for their work. I have no problem with being compensated more equitably and feel that I actually have a pretty decent "patient-centered" practice. I believe most family physicians feel the same way.

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ACMQ members are encouraged to submit articles for publication in FOCUS.  Typical length would be 400-600 word count.  Please email your submission with a jpeg picture of yourself and a short bio to the editor, Greg Wise MD, at

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