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Painting and Yoga Retreat for Women
Sept 12-14, 2014

For a weekend of rejuvenating yoga and creativity through paint, join Guru Kirn Kaur & Siri Prem Kaur in beautiful Redstone, Colorado. For more info, contact Guru Kirn Kaur: 747-2893 or Tanya Risnes: (970) 618-0840.

 Housewarming/Wedding Reception, Saturday Sept 13

We married in June and now that we're settled in our new house would love Sangat and friends to come celebrate these joyful changes. Please come for brunch and Open House this Saturday, Sept. 13 from 10am-1:30pm See the attached flyer! 
Rampreet Kaur & 
Tejbir Singh

Walk to End Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's Walk
Sept. 13 in Santa Fe
Sept. 20 in Los Alamos
For More Info

Amandeep Singh's Course
Amandeep Singh

with Amandeep Singh, September 20-21 at Yogi Bhajan's Ranch. Choose either: LIVE COURSE in Espanola, NM or LIVE STREAMING your computer.

Sarod Performance
Sept 23 in Albuquerque

Sarod Virtuoso Amjad Ali Khan and his two sons perform Tuesday, 9/23 at 7:00 pm at the Simms Center for the Performing Arts in Albuquerque

Journey into the Heart of Sikh Dharma


Would you like to learn more about the path of Sikh Dharma? This is a wonderful nine-month long tele-course that meets every other week on the phone. It's a great course, and it's my blessing to serve on the teaching team with many other fantastic teachers. Hope to hear you on the call.
Ek Ong Kaar Kaur

Register here:
For "Journey into the Heart of Sikh Dharma"  

Beginning Gurmukhi Telecourse begins Oct 1
This beginning Gurmukhi Telecourse provides the support & tools you need to read the language of the Gurus. Wednesday Nights: Oct 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; Nov 5,12
$145 if reg by Sept 27
Taught by Siri Sevak Kaur

 Ed O'Brien: Mural Artist

Our beautiful Lady of Guadalupe Mural in the Ashram Gurdwara is featured in a book by Peter Lopez called "Ed O'Brien: Mural Artist."

KirtanGurufateh Kaur has several copies of this book available for $25 each. To purchase, contact Gurufateh Kaur at (505)927-0441)

 Kirtan Kaur sworn in as Federal Magistrate Judge
Kirtan Kaur, daughter of Noor Singh & Amrit Kaur, step-daughter of Guru Meher Kaur, was sworn in recently as a United States Federal Magistrate Judge representing New Mexico for the United States Government.     
Wedding of Prabhu Singh & Gurupal Kaur
Congratulations to the lovely couple, who were married in the Gurdwara, August 31.
Buddies Japjeet Singh & Akal Dharam Singh

Kirtan & Langar at the Ranch

The evening kirtan programs for the 11 days leading up to Yogi Bhajan's birthday were so sweet and uplifting!
Espanola Community Market

The Espanola Community Market is open every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. To view their hours, and a list of what fresh, local produce is available this week, go to their website

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 Ashram Babies
Hari Bhajan Kaur and her son, Gobind Nanak Singh
Bhai Daya Singh and his daughter, Prem Gobind Kaur

Your Community                                   September 2014

September Ashram Events 

Sept 6 - 6th of the Month Akal Takhat Gurdwara, followed by Wish & Dish Langar, 6 pm
Sept 13 - Housewarming/Wedding Celebration at the home of Rampreet Kaur & Tejbir Singh
Sept 20-21 - Yogi Amandeep Singh Course at the Ranch
Sept 28 - evening chanting begins, for the 11 days leading up to Guru Ram Das Ji's Birthday Celebration on Oct 9. Chanting will be at the Ranch this evening.
Sept 29 - Evening chanting at Kirpal Singh & Kaur's home.
Sept 30 - Evening chanting at Kartika Kaur & Ajai Singh's.
COMING UP IN OCTOBER:  Oct 1 - Khalsa Council Opening Gurdwara, 5:30 pm in the Gurdwara, all welcome.
Oct 2 - 4 - Full day sessions of Khalsa Council Mtgs.
Oct 3 - 6Four Day Event in Espanola, honoring the 10th anniversary of the passing of the Siri Singh Sahib.
Oct 9 - Special Morning Sadhana for Guru Ram Das Ji's Birthday: 2.5 hours of Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur 
ON-GOING WEEEKLY EVENTS: Sunday Afternoons - Beginning Gurmukhi Class, taught by Hari Dharam Kaur, 1:30 - 3:30 pm in the Gurdwara, will continue to meet all Sundays in September.
Monday evenings - Kundalini Yoga Class, 6 pm, taught by Tera Kaur, by donation.
Tuesday evenings-Kundalini Yoga for Women, 6 pm
Thursday evenings - Kundalini Yoga 6 pm. Taught by Satsundri Kaur, by donation.
Friday Evenings - Woman's Potluck/YB Video at Gurbani Kaur's, 6:30pm. for info call Gurbani: (505)929-1033
Saturday Mornings - Mother Ashram Radio Talk Show, 10 am hosted by Sat Nirmal Kaur
Sunday Mornings - Dev Saroop Kaur's Radio Show, 9 am 

You will not want to miss this unique opportunity and blessing! It is a HOMECOMING! A gathering of our spiritual family and friends in Siri Singh Sahib's personal Gurdwara and Meditation Gardens. All on the land he loved and made sacred by his presence. Together we will chant and meditate! We'll laugh, sing, share stories and learn about the Man called The Siri Singh Sahib. The cost is simply this: Your Joyous Presence! We hope to see you there! for more information

Ashram Quarterly Family Meeting

There was a lively discussion concerning energizing, refreshing & renewing our ashram COV's and how to meet ashram members & guests needs in a better way.  Read notes from this meeting  

Kirpal Singh addresses the group at the Ashram Family Meeting, on Friday, Sept 5

Our Ashram Langar COV Reinvents Itself 

Guru Darbar Singh and Harimander Singh are INSPIRED!  They are the new head chefs of our Sunday Langars, and are brainstorming some steps to rejuvenate & upgrade the Langar Program at Hacienda de Guru Ram Das ashram. Plans are still in the works, but the changes should be rolling out by November. They are looking for your participation and input. Read More

Join Up!  Plug In!  Become a part of what's happening here at HGRD Ashram
Click here to view an updated list of the 23 Core of Volunteer groups (COV's) available within our ashram.  Contact the Leader/Point Person listed, and plug in to a
Doing Langar Seva
beautiful seva opportunity. As Yogi Bhajan said, "Seva is when your inside is honored, when you honor yourself. When I stand before my consciousness, I feel good, and I say, 'Well, I am so blessed that I could do it.' That's seva."  ~ 7/22/78 

Beginning Gurmukhi Class taught by Hari Dharam Kaur, will continue meet each Sunday, throughout September, from 1:30 - 3:30 pm, in the Gurdwara. Cost $1 per class. Study Gurmukhi pronunciation and basics. Booklets provided. 

SikhNet Launching 9th annual Youth Online Film Festival
SikhNet is proud to announce the launch of their 9th Annual Youth OnLine Film Festival. As you may know, our 2014 theme is: UnCommon Courage. This doesn't just mean extraordinary acts of valor, but also everyday courage demonstrated on the battlefield of life. Learn more and watch the films that have been submitted here >
Langar Hall Reinforcement Project        
LYF (the Legacy of Yogiji Foundation), who manages the ashram properties, is in the process of replacing some support beams & improving/upgrading the ground water drainage system in the area between the Langar Hall and the Langar Kitchen, under the stairway to the upstairs LH offices.  Thank you Guru Bachan Singh and Andreas, for doing such a great job!

Computer Corner-9 Tips to Stay Safe Online and Movies Galore

by Guruka Singh
Your bank calls you to verify your recent $75 bill at an out-of-state Taco Bell, but you haven't left town in weeks. You quickly contest the charge and request a new credit card, but when you check your wallet the compromised card is still there. You try to think of shady ATMs or recent cashiers, but nothing comes to mind. Nothing, except maybe the online purchase you made while browsing the Internet at your local coffee shop.  Read Entire Article

"Dressing Yourself with the Light of the Master!" Guided Meditation with Amandeep Singh

Hari Jiwan Singh & Sat Bachan Kaur at the Siri Singh Sahib's Birthday
Yogi Bhajan Story - Conflict: Convex or Concave?
by Hari Jiwan Singh  

"Sir, what creates conflict?" I asked on an unseasonably warm January night. We were seated in our usual spots in the living room at my house. I was on the "mama chair' and the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, was in my chair, the "papa chair." CNN was on the TV, so he would watch it between the interruptions which needed his attention. Read Entire Story

The bride, Gurupal Kaur, surrounded by Guru Meher Kaur & Shanti Kaur (who served as Minister), as she prepared to enter the Gurdwara on her wedding day.
Yogi Bhajan quote 

"Fortunate are they who start the day always looking to and cleansing the vibrations. With each breath they vibrate the Divine Nam, the Name of God, to cleanse themselves, to enrich themselves, and to energetically charge themselves so that they can be positively effective for the whole day." 


Cherdi Kala Jatha, played a beautiful Asa di Vaar during Sadhana Gurdwara, 8/13 - 8/15

12 Cumber Tips & Tricks You Don't Want to Miss! Tip #1:

Cucumbers contain most of the vitamins you need every day, just one cucumber contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc. Read All 12 Tips      
Food for Health - Apple Berry Crumble
This berry and apple crumble is an awesome family dessert that's simple to make and everyone loves it. It's vegan and free from grains, gluten and dairy. View Recipe

Food for Health - Jumbo Chickpea (Garbanzo)Pancakes        

Chickpea flour is high in protein (7 grams per 1/4 cup) and naturally gluten-free, making it friendly to our gluten sensitive friends. It boasts 3 grams of fiber per 1/4 cup.  These non-sweet vegie pancakes are delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  View Recipe 

Ashram Missal Duties - September 2014




Clean up

Akand Path



























*****September Birthdays *****
To view list of sangat members with September birthdays Click here


Monthly Forecasts, for September, 2014  

 Quote from Yogi Bhajan

"The Age of Aquarius will be the Age of humans and peace, love, and service. We shall all live as one family and wars will cease. Humans and humanity will prevail again. As the Berlin Wall fell, other walls will fall. We will all be united under one God, one spirit, one self."

Yogi Bhajan ~ 9/10/95           

Sadhu Kaur and Sahej Singh, at the Siri Singh Sahib's Birthday Party at the Ranch, Aug 23

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