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January 11, 2013
For Immediate Release
Contact: James Franko
KPI on Gannon: Extremely Unfortunate $600 Million Annual Tax Hike 
More K-12 Funding Despite No Link Between Achievement and Spending 
January 11, 2013 - Wichita - Today, Kansas Policy Institute president Dave Trabert issued the following statement in regards to the release of the Gannon v. State of Kansas lawsuit from the Shawnee District Court.

"It is extremely unfortunate for citizens of Kansas that the court has effectively ordered an annual $594 million tax hike. This is even more shocking given that there is no evidence that the billions in increased spending have raised student achievement on independent national exams. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), less than half of Kansas' 4th and 8th grade students are proficient in math and only about one third are proficient in reading - this is essentially unchanged over the past decade despite billions in increased taxpayer support.

"It costs a lot of money to operate our schools, but its how the money is spent that matters, not simply how much. Just this week, Education Week gave Kansas a D+ for student achievement; among other things, this was a result of low rankings for achievement gains and that we are below the national average for gains in each subject and grade level. They also pointed out that per-pupil spending in Kansas is above the national average and that State expenditures on K-12 schooling, as a percent of state taxable resources, are the 12th highest in the nation.

"Today's mandate of a $654 Base State Aid Per-Pupil (BSAPP) increase forces the state to raise annual spending and taxes by $440 million and, because of the way the Local Option Budget is written, local property taxes will automatically increase by $154 million. In total, the Shawnee District Court would take an additional $594 million out of the Kansas economy every year."

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