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Maricela García's lifelong artistic passion took many forms that culminated in her spirited support of Oaxaca's folk arts and the artists who create them. Her family, who surrounded her when she passed away on June 8, 2014, remark that "she had lived her life just the way she wanted, with zeal and a maverick sparkle in her soul." Born in Mexico of French descent and venturesome ancestors, she evolved from a 16-year-old art school prodigy to a department store illustrator, owner of an advertising agency, clothing designer, silk screener, and a prominent fixture in the San Antonio printing business.


Ultimately, she began a long relationship with the folk artists of Oaxaca, sponsoring some of the first exhibits of their work in San Antonio. "Her adventures led her to rub shoulders with folk artists, Zapatista rebels, and Huichol Indians. It didn't matter if you had a gun in your hand, if you spoke an indigenous language, or if you even tried to rob her...she would find a way to communicate with her indomitable spirit" (Express-News, June 12, 2014). Maricela eventually expressed her true passion by opening two folk art stores featuring Oaxacan crafts, one in the San Antonio international airport and the other on the San Antonio Riverwalk.


Unfortunately FOFA was only introduced to Maricela's spirited work on behalf of Oaxaca's artesanos posthumously by her family and friends who have made donations to FOFA in her honor.


Additional donations in her memory may be made by check to: Friends of Oaxacan Folk Art, 275 Central Park West, 1C, New York, NY 10024.


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