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November Issue, 2012
Linking the LDP to health service delivery outcomes
Building the evidence for L+M+G
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November, 2012

Everyone wants solid evidence about how better leadership yields stronger health systems with greater health outcomes, which means that significant investments in monitoring, evaluation, and research are needed to secure such evidence. The LMG Project is working to assemble a needed pool of public and private resources to fuel the research needed to document the case for L+M+G investments for significant and sustained health gains.


 Dr. James Rice, LMG Project Director

 Journal Publishes Article on Leadership Development Program in Kenya
Human Resources for Health has published an article highlighting a study of the Management Sciences for Health Leadership Development Program in Kenya.  Authored by Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Advisor LMG team member La Rue Seims, the article notes that this study provides new evidence that interventions designed to strengthen leadership and management produce positive changes in health service delivery outcomes that can be sustained for at least six months post-intervention.  The study was conducted in 2010 through the Leadership, Management and Sustainability Program in Kenya.


Congratulations to La Rue for bringing to light this new information on the positive effects of leadership and management interventions. Read more. 

The Importance of Evidence: Does a Program Work? How? Why?

Do L(eadership) + M(anagement) + G(overnance) interventions result in improved service delivery outcomes (and therefore better health outcomes)? 


The Leadership, Management and Governance (LMG) project is committed to synthesizing, collating and generating evidence about the link between L+M+G interventions and improved health systems performance, including better service delivery outcomes.  Read more.

Sustainable Integration of Leadership and Management Pre-service Curricula

A rapid assessment of integration of L+M curricula supported by the Leadership, Management and Sustainability (LMS) predecessor project shows promise with regard to sustainability, and is helping to guide similar efforts by the LMG project.


Universities in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) are training health professionals that are equipped to deliver health services in resource-poor settings.  Many of these universities have recognized that leadership and management (L+M) competencies among health professionals can create a stronger, more effective and efficient public health response. Read more. 

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