What a Mo-tivational Evening with Mo Anderson!
Her business credentials often precede her but when Mo Anderson was finished speaking, everyone knew she was more than an international real estate CEO; she is a woman who truly and passionately cares for others. 
Mo Anderson Visits Parker House!!

Every eye was on her. Every ear was attuned to each word she spoke. With enormous energy and motivation she shared the life pillars that have contributed to her successful life. Growing up as a poor tenant farmer's daughter in northwest Oklahoma, Mo Anderson achieved every goal she set for herself as an eager and motivated young woman. Her tenacity and can-do attitude proved that an intense work ethic and lifetime of faith in God can enable anyone to achieve their goals. She notes, "I have accomplished far more than I ever dreamed but it has allowed me to be give back in a way that I've always wanted to do". 

As Co-Owner / Vice Chairman of Keller Williams Realty International, Mo Anderson is as down to earth as Okie's come. The comments she shared were not about herself, but how others, too, can pursue their dreams by setting goals, believing in the possibilities and simply working hard. Her first book, A Joy Filled Life, Lessons from a Tenant Farmer's Daughter Who Became CEO, was just released, in which she shares her top 20 Mo-Mentum Builders. These are the life lessons she was taught by her parents and have defined her life.

As she shared her story, sincerity was in her voice, confidence was in her stance, energy was in her movements, and compassion to help others was deep seeded in her heart. She inspired the women of Parker and Blake's House to move on from the past and start again with new dreams, hard work, and the attitude to never give up. Her desire to pay it forward has always fueled her efforts. There may never be another Mo Anderson, but if each of us can do our part and give back, her inspiration and message will live forever for all generations. We are so blessed that Mo Anderson chooses to support Jim Riley Outreach!

Thank you for supporting Jim in his Journey around the Great Lakes and Canada. We are tremendously grateful for our sponsors who underwrote the expenses of the journey so all donations could go directly to fund the women of Blake's House. 

Kelly Garrison Funderburk, Director of Development, Jim Riley Outreach, 405-340-8096