No. 1

One Special Lady
Leading the Ladies of Tuesday Night Group
Robin Riley is a Gift of Hope!

Meet Robin Riley

It might have been Jim Riley's passion to create an outreach to help others overcome their addictions, but not far behind was a special woman that endured the long journey right beside him, his beautiful wife Robin. Witnessing the life of an addict firsthand gave Robin immense compassion for the friends and families of the addicts Jim was helping. Her trials and tribulations are why she can help families better understand the disease of addiction. She is living proof how addiction affects the entire family. She too, is a survivor, like Jim. She knows how addiction tears at a marriage, the addict's physical and mental health, job, family and finances. As the wife of an addict and mother of their two children, Robin Riley has undoubtedly helped Jim Riley Outreach to become the successful program it is today. 


Wife, Mother, Mentor

Jim had the vision and Robin supported his efforts as a Christian wife and mother. Jim had the personal experience but Robin was only a side step away. Through the years, Jim and Robin have been a team that has withstood many storms and could never be broken apart. They both have a genuine love for not only each other, but a love and passion to help those who want help!


Robin Riley brings hope to the programs of Jim Riley Outreach. Because she survived the "for better or for worse" part of her marriage vows, she is a role model and figure of hope for many women. Her experiences, alongside Jim, have given her a heart for the friends and family of addicts. Having lived with Jim through his years of addiction and sobriety, she has attended numerous al-anon meetings. She is knowledgeable of the roles of wife, mother and friend of an addict. Robin's smile and demeanor exudes compassion for those she mentors. Anyone can see she walks with the Lord in her heart and exemplifies how to be the salt and light of Jesus Christ. 


She is so fun!

Because Robin is so delightful, one may not realize all the effort and time she spends making the wheels of JRO continue to turn. Fielding calls from distressed and scared parents to addressing day to day office work is a common part of her day. You might find her preparing a Bible study for her Tuesday night women's group or volunteering as an elder for her and Jim's home church, First Presbyterian Church of Edmond. Don't be surprised however, to find her as matriarch hostess for an Easter gathering of 30 or more while leading the children as game director for outside foot games and hula hooping. This year the children left addressing Jim, "Thank you, Mr. Robin"!


She inspires others! 

Robin provides hope not only for families of addicts but for others facing hardships as well. After she and Jim lost their son Blake in an automobile accident in 1989, she and a friend started a local Mom's Group for mothers grieving the loss of a child. Robin's faith in God and hope for the future is contagious and an inspiration to so many people.


Jim Riley Outreach was created 30 years ago as a ministry to help individuals and families overcome the perils of addiction. As it continues to help new clients find hope for the future, there couldn't be two better examples than Jim and the love of his life...Robin Riley.   



We could not do what we do in mentoring others without your help. You help us to give those in need the tools to live a healthy lifestyle with the understanding of love from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jim Riley Outreach is so appreciative of the love and support of our donors. Thank you for caring enough to donate to our Outreach. Check us out on Facebook and our JRO website to learn more about everything we do. If you have questions, please email us at Jimrileyoutreach@yahoo.com. 
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