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A Story of Recovery...A Testimonial From One of Our Residents              Issue 4     May 2013
Meet MichaelMichael with kids 5   
My name is Michael. I have a story of hope and strength that I believe should be shared with others. I grew up in a strong household with great parents. I've always been involved in church and was very active in sports. I made good grades and received a baseball scholarship from a junior college. After earning an Associate's degree, I transferred to OU to pursue a Bachelor's degree. I got caught up in drinking and smoking pot, which became a daily habit. After graduation I began using opiates on a daily basis. I stopped going to church and began hanging with people who were just as confused as I. I was addicted. In an effort to make some quick cash, I made a horrible decision, and drove money to California to pick up pounds of marijuana. On my way back to Oklahoma, I began to have an inner dialogue with God. I knew what I was doing was wrong. "Help me," I said. Right at that moment, I was pulled over, searched, handcuffed, and awakened. And so began my recovery.
My Story of RecoveryMichael with kids 2 
My father knew I had changed for the worse, and the arrest confirmed it. After researching, he contacted the Jim Riley Outreach. A few days later, two large men (Jim Riley and Joe Pellow) showed up at my parents' house with a glimmer in their eyes. I thought they were FBI agents. They quickly loaded me up and took me to Rob's Ranch, a rehabilitation facility geared toward men with drinking and drug dependecy. I stayed for 90 days. I was counseled, participated in group therapy, and felt safe. I learned who I was, and that I wasn't alone. I was given hope! Since then, God's grace has been all over me. Once I finished at the Ranch, I moved into the Outreach's sober living home with Mr. Pellow. When I first got there, I had no money. I got a construction job and began volunteering at church. Since then, I now help guys coming into our program. It feels good to give back! Now I lead up to 80 children on Sundays and large groups on Wednesdays, ages 6-10 years old. This volunteer work has been the best part of my life since becoming sober. There is hope, and we can overcome addiction. I am now focused on a Master's degree, and feel that God has big plans for my life. I have no more fear, and love living the straight and narrow life.I believe that anybody who is struggling with addiction has the strength to get through this dreadful season in their life. Hope is alive! God bless you and thank you!
Lee Ann Teasley, Director of Development
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Meet Michael
My Story of Recovery
From Joe Pellow, Director of Pellow House
Joe Pellow, Director of Pellow House
Joe Pellow, Director of our three men's homes, had the following to say about Michael:
"Michael is the Head Mentor at our Ski Island East house. He loves helping people. Last Christmas, God put 2 families with 2 children each in his life. Both are single parent families. Michael raised over $1,200.00 so they could have a merry Christmas. These families said it was the best Christmas they ever had."  
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