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Anglo Capital Limited Newsletter
May 2013
Guide to New Israeli Tax Proposals 

 Trust Guide Cover   

On 24 April 2013, draft proposals were published and presented to the Israeli government for approval as part of the Economic Arrangements Bill whose stated purpose is the reduction of the deficit.  



As a result, Anglo Capital Limited has published a guide to assist our clients and potential clients in understanding the ramifications of the proposed legislation.


Note: A White Paper was submitted to the Israeli government on 24 May 2013.  Not all of the proposals in the draft proposals are the same as in the white paper.  When the final law is passed, we will send further updates in this regard.



Download Guide to Proposals submitted to the Israeli Government in order to reduce the budget deficit which will affect the International Jewish Family. 

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London, 11th June 2013

Seminar about proposed Israeli tax changes affecting trusts with Israeli resident beneficiaries.


Philip Braude, CEO Anglo Capital Limited (Israel), will present a seminar on the implications of these changes and will present restructuring strategies.


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Tel Aviv, 18-19 June 2013
Anglo Capital Limited will be a corporate sponsort at the STEP Israel Seminar at the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv.
Philip Braude, CEO Anglo Capital Limited, will be addressing the topic of Israeli Regulatory Compliance.
European Family Office
Opal Conference 2013-6-5 
Philip Braude will be addressing the European Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum in Geneva, 7 June 2013. The topic of the session is "What are some of the Legal & Accounting challenges facing Family Offices?"  
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