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    September 2013       
 News from The Women's Center of Tarrant County
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Monday, September 30

7:00 am Registration
Shady Valley Golf Club 

Benefits Rape Crisis and Victim Services of The Women's Center.

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Community Bucks Month


Shop Tom Thumb in September and earn Community Bucks for The Women's Center.  Learn more



Partnering To Provide School-Based Counseling


Every day eight-year-old John* went to school. But he sat alone, since he had no friends, and his teachers were constantly scolding him for causing trouble.  His parents did not know what to do to help him. 


Today John is better able to control his behavior impulses.  His grades have improved.  He is smiling every day and sits with friends at lunch.  


What happened?  John was referred to counseling at the Family Resource Center staffed by a therapist from The Women's Center.  Read more

* not his real name


North Texas Giving Day
Thursday, September 19
7:00 am - Midnight 
Please consider making a gift of $25 or more to The Women's Center on Thursday, September 19th, and your gift will earn bonus funds from the Communities Foundation of Texas. What a great way for your donation to go further!   Just make your gift at donorbridgetx.org.

We will send a reminder Thursday morning with our link.  Thank you for considering a gift.  Read more




Program Reminders

Find the best possible job in the
shortest amount of time
Child Sexual Abuse Prevention - 
One Grade At a Time
Attorneys provide guidance 
in family law 

DONATE TODAY!  Your gift helps thousands of women, men, girls and boys every year to rise above violence, crisis and poverty.  To make a donation, please visit our website at www.womenscentertc.org

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