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July 21, 2014


Jennie Vana

Lake County Communications Manager


Governor Signs Standards of Conduct Law Championed by Chairman Aaron Lawlor
Under a new law (Public Act 98-0779) signed by Governor Pat Quinn today, appointed officials who serve on various boards and commissions will now have to adhere to a set of standards that hold them accountable to the people they serve.

Lake County Board Chairman Aaron Lawlor championed the new Standards of Conduct legislation (SB3552), which the Illinois Legislature approved earlier this year. In Lake County, Lawlor led the effort to implement conduct standards for the more than 300 officials the county board appoints to drainage and fire districts, the transportation service boards, human services boards, the Board of Review, and others.

Lawlor said, "This new law will help us create a stronger culture of accountability and ensure those who serve in a position of public trust are held to the highest possible standard. I want to thank Governor Quinn for signing this into law."

The law gives Collar County Boards the authority to adopt an ordinance establishing a code of conduct regarding the accountability, fiscal responsibility, procurement authority, transparency, and ethical conduct of county appointees. It also provides a removal mechanism if there is a violation of the code of conduct. It requires that prior to removal from office, an appointee must be provided with reasonable notice of any violation and a hearing before the county board, or its designee.

SB3552 was introduced by Senator Julie Morrison and Representative Sam Yingling. The bill received strong bipartisan support in both chambers and earned the support of 26 cosponsors.  

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