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Feb. 5, 2014


Heather Galan, Principal Civil Engineer
Lake County Public Works


Lake Michigan Water Project Update: Feb. 5, 2014 


Substantial progress has been made in the effort to bring Lake Michigan Water to the Villages of Lake Villa and Lindenhurst, and to Lake County's Grandwood Park and Fox Lake Hills water systems by 2017.
  • Agreements are now in place for Lake Villa and Lindenhurst to be full members of CLCJAWA
    County Update: Lake Michigan Water
    and CLCJAWA will be the water supplier. Lake County is already a member of the Agency and has expanded its service area to include Grandwood Park and Fox Lake Hills through these agreements.
  • Special Service Area #16 was created to provide the capital funding structure for the water system expansion project. Homeowner's within the SSA limits will notice a Special Service Area #16 item on their upcoming property tax bill. Questions related to SSA #16 can be directed to 847-377-7500.
  • $7,000,000 in Special Service Area bonds were successfully sold and came in better than originally anticipated. The proceeds from this bond sale will be used for the route study, preliminary engineering, design engineering, and easement procurement. Additionally, CLCJAWA is pursuing Illinois Environmental Protection Agency low interest loans to pay for the construction costs of the water system extension project. Both of these efforts are an attempt to keep costs low for residents.
  • The route study is underway and you may notice survey vehicles and personnel in the area, but no physical construction is planned to start before the spring or summer of 2015.
  • Watch the latest "County Update" video to hear more about the Lake Michigan Water Project. 

For more information about the Lake Michigan Water Project, please visit the project website at:

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