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June 4, 2013


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Mary Ellen Vanderventer

Lake County Recorder of Deeds' Office

(847) 377-2575


Lake County Reaches Milestone: 7 Million Documents Recorded


In 1844, the Lake County Recorder's Office officially recorded its first document hand-written in a large ledger book - and 169 years and several millions of documents later, the office will reach a 7 million record milestone. Mary Ellen Vanderventer, Lake County Recorder of Deeds, will award the lucky patron with a gift basket when the historic recording takes place Thursday, June 6 at approximately 9:30 a.m.


"It is very exciting to watch history actually happen. This is really a big deal for Lake County and shows how far Lake County has grown over the years," Vanderventer said.       


It took about seven years to record the last million documents, while 114 years passed to get to the first million. 


The Recorder of Deeds' Office records, archives and retrieves all documents submitted to be recorded, including all land-related documents and filings, military discharge papers, wills and even prenuptial agreements. The office processes an average of 1,000 transactions daily. Most of these transactions involve real estate transfers of people who have purchased a home or property.


For more about the Recorder of Deeds' Office, visit their website. 


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