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Lake County Strategic Plan:
Rank Our Strategic Priorities
March 2013
Shape Lake County's Future

The Lake County Board is in the process of updating its strategic plan that is used to help guide the future of the county. You have a voice in this process! Lake County recently held five community forums to obtain public input, and the county board is seeking further input. You can rank the strategic priorities by using this budget calculator. You can also submit your comments through this online form. The Lake County Board will thoughtfully consider this input, along with the results from the community forums, as it develops its long-term strategic plan. (Please note, this input period will close on April 8, 2013). Also, please take a few moments to educate yourself on our current strategic planour budget, and our services and programs.
Budget Calculator

The budget is a blueprint for how the county board plans to achieve its strategic goals. Imagine you have $100. 
Where would you invest your money? 
What areas do you value most? 
You can allocate your $100 in any way, but your total must always equal $100. Budget calculator.

 Rank our strategic priorities.
Budget Overview   
Find out where the money comes from and where it goes.

Tell Us! 
Submit your comments and thoughts on Lake County's strategic priorities.

 Strategic Plan
This plan serves as our blueprint for the future.