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February 11, 2013




Jeanne Polydoris, Chief Deputy of the Circuit Court Clerk's Office 


News Release from the Office of the Circuit Court Clerk:

Technology Top Priority for 

New Circuit Court Clerk  


Priority One:  Technology, remote access and E-filing.  And did you know the Clerk's office is the place for more than just court cases -- passports, name changes, child support payments, traffic fines ... and more. 

Keith S. Brin was sworn in as the new Circuit Court Clerk on December 1st.   Upgrading technology in the Clerk's office is Brin's first priority as Circuit Court Clerk.


"My main focus is to continue to modernize the office to improve access and efficiency - essentially creating a Clerk's office that is technology-centric and customer focused, operating in a financially prudent manner with respect for how the hard-earned tax dollars of Lake County residents are spent" said Brin.


E-filing and remote access to court records and documents are top priorities of Circuit Court Clerk Brin who most recently led the development of a state-of-the-art Electronic Filing System without the use of taxpayer funds. The proposed Lake County system is being heralded as a model for courts nationwide. Brin is laser focused on utilizing technology to create a seamless and efficient connection between the courts and those utilizing the courts.


By implementing a system that allows for the electronic filing of documents as well as universal access to the services and documents that are currently only accessible at the Clerk's counter in Waukegan the Clerk's office can increase accessibility, convenience, and security. Brin's goal is to transform the Circuit Clerk's office to a paper on demand system saving the taxpayers money and streamlining processes.


Circuit Clerk Brin is also committed to an office that is entirely user friendly, where customer service is paramount. "My office has a responsibility to make sure that the customers we serve - both the legal community and the general public - are provided information on how to fully utilize our office and the range of services we provide in the way that is easiest and most efficient for them" explained Brin.


Among a host of other things, the people of Lake County can utilize the services of the Circuit Clerk's office to apply for a U.S. Passport, apply for a name change, process child support payments ordered by the court, initiate court cases, and pay traffic and criminal fines in addition to other court-related matters.


In the coming months, the Circuit Court Clerk's office will be re-designing its website as well as creating a newsletter to provide Lake County residents with information on the full range of services the office provides and valuable information on how to easily access those services.

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