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2015 Technology Open House
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We would like to thank everyone that joined us during
our 3-day Technology Open House Event!

Mitsubishi logo MR-J4 Servo System
Trusted technology make an evolutionary leap forward
Representing two decades of R&D investment and refinement, the next-generation MR-J4 servo series offers more than just a few new splashy features.  It delivers a tightly integrated motion control solution that boosts productivity with speed, safety and performance.
The MELSERVO MR-J4 servo-motion systems offer users the platform to build the next generation machines that require the J-series' hallmark superior performance mingled with industry operational safety trends, all the while saving users costly energy and precious real-estate. For our valued existing users, the MELSERVO MR-J4 servo motor and amplifier products will be a drop-in replacement for the MR-J3 series products

Sick logo Sick Profiler 2 Short Range Distance Sensor
Cost-effective profile measurement  
The Profiler 2 short range distance sensor performs highly accurate measurements on the x and z axes and can also measure the surface of more complex objects. Up to four areas can be analyzed at the same time with a single measurement. One of the 10 integrated measurement functions, e.g., height or width, can be selected for each area. 

The integrated evaluation unit of the Profiler™ 2 saves you time and money when it comes to installation - making the sensor one of the most cost-effective solutions for profile measurement. While the integrated CMOS receiver unit guarantees precise measuring, the supplied software makes commissioning simple and provides exceptional visualization of the measurement process. The integrated display offers real-time visualization.

2200 Series Precision Move Pallet System Conveyor
The latest advancement in pallet traffic management

2200 Precision Move Pallet Systems are the latest advancement in pallet traffic management. With a unique pin tracking system to guide pallets through 90� turns, and a fast belt change capability. Dorner's 2200 Precision Move Pallet Systems are designed to increase efficiency and reduce downtime in various assembly automation processes. 

Coupled with fast delivery of less than 20 days, this conveyor platform is perfect for the assembly automation, manufacturing and packaging industries. Ideal applications include Automated Assembly, Manual Assembly, Product Testing and Inspection.

Custom Workstations
Let us design for you the ultimate workstation
We make all of our workstations out of t-slotted aluminum extrusion products, which are sturdy, tough, visually pleasing, and adaptable. Our t-slotted extrusion products are also 100% compatible with other fractional and metric extrusions.

We can help you with your workstation from start to finish. Our extensive capabilities enable us to design your workstation in AutoCAD, machine it, kit it and/or fully assemble it for you.  Whatever your industrial needs, we have the workstations to accommodate them.
  • Table workstations 
  • Desk workstations
  • Stands
  • Adjustable height workstations
  • Workbenches
  • Dyna-lift systems


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