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Mitsubishi Electric F Series Robot Machine Tending
 Mitsubishi Electric 
F Series Robot 
Machine Tending

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G-Flex Flexible Parts Feeding Solution
out of necessity, designed from experience
The G-Flex 1500 bowl feeder eliminator offers Ultimate Flexibility!
Buy it once, redeploy it to new parts if your process changes with virtually no added investment.  One G-Flex unit can handle numerous applications providing unrestrained potential. 
This flexible parts feeding system handles multiple parts and simultaneously provides them to vision guided robots.  G-Flex is a programmable platform that shakes and tilts automatically, continually feeding almost any shaped item to vision guided robots.
Different components, different geometries, but the same G-Flex unit!


Cognex Logo - Black DataMan 50L Get Performance Feedback
DataMan 50See what you are missing... Check out DataMan 50L image-based 
DataMan´┐Ż image-based readers deliver the highest read rates of any barcode reader or single-line laser scanner. But if there is a no read, you can see why! With laser scanners, how do you know why a no read occurs?
Performance feedback allows you to:
  • Analyze rejects
  • Improve processes
  • Ensure print quality
  • Cut costs by reducing scrap

all at a comparable price to traditional laser scanners! 



See the DataMan 50L in person or learn more by getting the datasheet.


The Leader in Unit Handling Conveyors
Flexible packaging product handling

Dorner's industry leading product handling conveyor platforms are ideal for flexible packaging solutions. The conveyors can be engineered or configured to aid in the creation and efficiency of packaging lines manufacturing products in flexible packages. These packages are made of soft or flexible material in the form of a bag or pouch creating unique handling opportunities. Dorner Conveyor
Vertical Movement:  Application involves the rapid incline of pouches from drop height of filling machines to working height or ceiling height.
Bottom-Less Pouch Handling:  Application involves the stable conveyance of pouches for inspection, printing, labeling or edge sealing.
Pouch Orientation or Turning: Application involves non-contact orientation of pouches, orientating them  to accommodate various processes.*Settling/Flattening:  Servo driven conveyor pulses back and forth dispersing or leveling the pouch contents for carton or box loading.


Mitsubishi logo Mitsubishi Industrial Robots
Shorter cycle times, increased load capacity
Vertical robot  
The Mitsubishi Electric F-Series industrial robots are designed to facilitate automation of any production process.  These compact 6-axis jointed robots with optimal arm length and wider range of movement are suited for complex assembly and processing tasks.
Vertical Type robot's compact body and slim arm design allows the operating area to be expanded and load capacity increased.
  • The fastest high-speed operation in its class
  • Contributes to improved productivity with high-frequency operations
  • Compact installation with operation performed near the robot base.


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Rethink Robotics Baxter 2.0 Software Update
Game-changing software release
Baxter is an entirely scalable platform, capable of expanding its capabilities with software upgrades that are quick and easy for users to install, provided at no charge to existing customers with software contracts. 
The 2.0 software introduces a new set of applications, making Baxter an even more effective productivity tool for American manufacturers. 
Users who have seen or used Baxter in the past will see noticeable improvements in speed, fluidity, reliability and precision. Baxter's integrated cameras have also been optimized for better performance during vision-based tasks.
Software Feature Enhancements:
  • Pick & Place Everywhere
  • Waypoints
  • Speed Increase up to 40%
  • Consistent Repeatability
  • Smoother Movements
  • Improved Vision Capabilities
  • Payload Optimization