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Compact and flexible industrial robot gripper to pick a wide range of parts.





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Mitsubishi logo Mitsubishi Variable Frequency Drives
Class-leading power, control and flexibility in the most compact packages
  • 5 year warranty on select models
  • Low cost with Mitsubishi quality
  • Small form factor
  • Built in PLC on select models
  • Real Sensorless Vector on select models
  • Ethernet/IP communications available
  • Specialized VFD for Fan and Pump applications
  • Packaged solutions available



Low cost sub-micro VFD

  • Control remotely or with built-in digital control
  • Low cost solution
  • Magnetic Flux Vector Control with auto-tuning


Cost-effective general purpose speed control

  • Selectable cooling fan operation mode
  • Adjustable carrier frequency
  • UL &cUL listed / CE marked   


"Big Drive" Vector control in a Micro size drive

  • Advanced Magnetic Flux Vector
  • Remote I/O functions via network
  • USB communications


General purpose 3-phase motor control

  • UL Type 1, plenum rated, enclosure designs (NEMA 1)
  • Bi-directional coasting motor restart
  • Built-in EMC filter


Real Sensorless Vector Control

  • Built-in PLC function
  • Sensorless torque for wind/unwind applications
  • 200% torque at speeds as low as 0.3Hz
2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper
The Flexibility to Automate Your Process 

Compact and flexible these 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Grippers have been designed to give industrial automation the flexibility needed to automate processes including a high-mix of parts.

2 finger adaptive grippers


Fully programmable, these robotic gripper can handle a wide variety of parts through three distinct gripping modes: parallel grip, encompassing grip and inside pick.

  • High payload to weight ratio
  • Long stroke with compact form factor
  • Full control on position, speed and force
  • Grip detection


Cognex Logo
Entry-Level Color Vision System
In-Sight 7000 Color Models Now Available! Color In-Sight 7010


The In-Sight 7010C is an entry-level 24-bit color vision system that can distinguish parts by color.  Thanks to the intuitive EasyBuilder interface, even the novice user can deploy the powerful Cognex vision tools available in the In-Sight 7010C, including pattern finding and measurement as well as color ID tools for applications that require the ability to identify different colors.


Like the existing suite of In-Sight 7000 vision systems, the color models have cost-saving features that simplify integration, including:


  • Compact, IP67-rated housing 
  • Autofocus technology
  • Integrated lighting options
  • Robust factory communications

Metaphase logo ExoLights™ Linear Illuminators
MetaBright™ Series Fluorescent Replacements ExoLight

The Metaphase ExoLight is the most efficient and economical LED replacement technology available for the fluorescent tube.  The Metaphase ExoLight™ is best applied where a highly intense, yet widely diffused light beam is required.
Metaphase ExoLights produce whiter, brighter, and flicker-free illumination compared with fluorescent technology, with a 75,000 hour LED lifetime expectancy.  Isotropic lensing produces extremely even illumination and eliminates the glare and hot spots inherent in LEDs.  The ExoLight is "tube-like" in form and mimics the softly diffused output of fluorescent fixtures like no other ordinarily diffused LED fixture can.  These fixtures produce higher power and more stable output than fluorescents while featuring the long lifetime expectancy and low cost of ownership of LEDs.