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Slinky Drop Answer
Slinky Drop Answer

How does a slinky fall when extended by its own weight and then released? 
We discover the surprising answer using a slow motion camera that records 300 frames per second.

  MultiLIne Sensor Video


Sensor innovation from SICK: MultiLine sensor with maximum detection reliability
Sensor innovation from SICK: MultiLine sensor with maximum detection reliability



The MultiLine sensor proves to be a high-end sensor in difficult situations for detecting flat or textured objects.





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  Dorner Conveyor 
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Vertical Pouch Handling Conveyor System
Vertical Pouch Handling Conveyor System








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MultiLine Sensor Innovation from SICK

Two photoelectric sensors in one housing 


Two logical and intelligently linked sensors with background suppression in one miniature housing offer the highest ruggedness for object detection.

Multi line Sensor  

The special characteristic of the MultiLine sensor is the two parallel light lines, i.e. the compact W4 housing accommodates not one but two photoelectric sensors operating simultaneously. 


And "two eyes" detect better, particularly when objects, such as printed circuit boards have gaps or openings or if - in the case of blister packs or soup packets - they are exceedingly flat.

  • Maximum sensing range 120 mm
  • Response time 1 ms
  • Simple adjustment via teach-in button

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Cognex Logo - BlackVisionView 900 Operator Interface Display
Visualization for machine vision and industrial ID applications


The new 9-inch VisionView�  touch screen is ideal for monitoring and controlling In-Sight� vision systems and DataMan� industrial ID systems on the factory floor, and allows operator controls specific to the application.

VisionView 900  

The larger nine-inch display allows operators to quickly identify issues on the manufacturing line so they can respond promptly; improving quality and reducing downtime. The nine-inch, IP65-rated touch screen allows users to view images and overlay graphics for up to nine In-Sight or DataMan systems simultaneously without requiring a PC on the factory floor.

  • Four Ethernet ports provide PoE.
  • LAN port allows you to connect a PC for setup or use with an external switch
  • Three USB ports
Factory Vision ANDON Display Boards
A window to factory performance


ANDON Systems

An Andon System consists of a group of visual products and systems that interact in order to communicate information to stakeholders on status and problems within a facility. By quickly delivering information through visual and audible cues, resource loss in the forms of equipment downtime and personal hours is minimized.

ANDON Displays  


An Andon Board is a visual production control device which can continuously show the changing status of a production line.


The Factory Vision� line of Andon display boards provide the perfect answer to all your communication needs in the industrial environment. This industrial LED display opens a window to factory performance and supplies the foundation for a company-wide "nervous system", enabling all employees to understand how they affect the factory's overall performance. Specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with manufacturing intelligence and data collection systems, the Andon board's embedded Pentium PC processor allows for maximum throughput speed in combination with multiple input sources.


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Dorner logo The Leader in Unit Handling Conveyors
Flexible packaging product handling


Dorner's industry leading product handling conveyor platforms are ideal for flexible packaging solutions. The conveyors can be engineered or configured to aid in the creation and efficiency of packaging lines manufacturing products in flexible packages. These packages are made of soft or flexible material in the form of a bag or pouch creating unique handling opportunities.

Dorner Conveyor  

Dorner conveyors offer solutions for handling flexible packaging efficiently for orientation, rotation, standing up, laying down, 90 degree transfer, and elevation.


Vertical Movement:  Application involves the rapid incline of pouches from drop height of filling machines to working height or ceiling height.


Bottom-Less Pouch Handling:  Application involves the stable conveyance of pouches for inspection, printing, labeling or edge sealing.


Pouch Orientation or Turning: Application involves non-contact orientation of pouches, orientating them  to accommodate various processes


Settling/Flattening:  Servo driven conveyor pulses back and forth dispersing or leveling the pouch contents for carton or box loading.


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