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PARCO T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion
PARCO T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion

From concept to reality

Parco Inc. shows how an idea is transformed into an actual product.  The entire process from concept to reality.


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The Best Technologies of 2012


Baxter, the Robot with Common Sense


A revolutionary new classification of robot 


Rethink Robotics creates adaptive robots for the manufacturing industry that are different: Robots with Common Sense™ that anyone can use, any company can afford, and that require no programming.   Robots that work side-by-side with people... so employees can do their jobs better and companies can compete more effectively on the global stage.


rethink productivity

Baxter is America's first adaptive manufacturing robot. Designed to use common sense and work safely alongside people, it'll take your productivity to new heights-and deliver a true competitive edge.


rethink affordability

A game-changing price point. Trainable by non-technical personnel, with no costly programming needed. And flexible and adaptable enough to change quickly across tasks, lines and teams.


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In-Sight 7010 is the entry level vision system!

Out of the Box  

The ideal out-of-the-box machine vision solution


With the unique combination of hardware features and software tools, the In-Sight 7010 is the ideal out-of-the-box solution for many straightforward vision applications. 


In-Sight´┐Ż 7010 is an entry level vision system developed specifically for inspection tasks where vision sensors are too limited and a standard vision system may not be cost effective. Every aspect of the In-Sight 7010 has been designed to make deploying a vision system easier than ever before:


Autofocus Integrated autofocus
For production situations requiring regular part changes, or applications that require the vision system to be placed in hard-to-reach spaces.

Watch the demo video


Integrated Light Integrated illumination
In-Sight 7010 offers integrated, field-replaceable white lighting as well as four specific color lights to highlight particular parts or features.

Watch the demo video


EasyBuilder Intuitive EasyBuilder´┐Ż user interface
Power, flexibility and ease-of-use allow you to program solutions for your own vision applications

Download the In-Sight Product Guide




R.R. Floody 3D Vision Station is Up and Running!

3D Vision Station 

High speed 3D for complete vision solutions in tough industrial environments


Our 3D cameras measure object shape at unmatched speed and quality at the same time as measuring other object features such as gray scale and laser scatter (MultiScan).


Measuring the 3rd dimension provides knowledge about object height, shape, or volume. In combination with the MultiScan technology, most object information necessary for a robust and reliable decision is provided by one single camera - thus decreasing solution complexity and cost. 3D image


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New Ultra-compact motorized Cylinders


RCD Cylinders with 12mm Cross-section


New Ultra-Compact Motorized Cylinder with 12mm Cross-Section and a body length as short as 60mm. Its high-speed performance with maximum acceleration/deceleration of 1 G and maximum speed of 300 mm/s is highly effective in reducing cycle time in a variety of systems.

RCD 12mm cylinders  

The Mini Cylinder RCD easily achieves 3-point positioning and acceleration/deceleration rate adjustments, which are difficult to achieve using air cylinders. Push-motion operation similar to that available with air cylinders is also possible, and the force exerted during a push-motion operation is adjustable.


The Mini Cylinder RCD is small enough to replace compact air cylinders used for short-stroke travel, pressing, hoisting and positioning.