November 2013
Dear friends of the CWHN,

These are not easy times for non-profits and NGOs in Canada.  At the CWHN, for example, we are managing to keep our operations going despite our funding cut earlier this year, but all our staffing has been cut back significantly, and we function primarily out of our home offices and less from our long-time headquarters in Winnipeg. We are keeping fresh content on our website, making plans for another event on girls, women and alcohol, and have just started an exciting research project on the same issue. We're sharing women's health news and information on... Read more.


New directions in sex therapy: Innovations and alternatives 

"The request from Network magazine to review New Directions was a timely one for me. The book raises issues that are very much alive in my world of UK sex therapy at the moment, as well as in the American and Canadian context in which most of the contributing authors are writing..." Read the review by Meg Barker.


Treating pelvic pain

"My file on vulvar pain stretches back several decades. One thing has not changed: a woman may seek up to 10 medical opinions before getting a correct diagnosis and possible help. In the absence of pathogens or a clear physical ailment, a woman's concerns tend to be dismissed..." Read the latest Spring Talks Sex blog.

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Do psychotropic medications increase disability rates in Canada?

"Advances in medicine are intended to improve life for the ill or injured. So, have advances in medicine improved life for those with mental illness? American journalist and author Robert Whitaker asks this question in relation to psychotropic medication, first introduced in the 1950s and generally described as a significant advance in care of those with mental illness..." Read the article by Rosemary Barnes and Susan Schellenberg.

What Older Women Want: FAQs 

Read the latest FAQs on CWHN aimed at older women and health care providers. We look at urinary incontinence, memory loss and staying fit as we age. Find them all on our FAQ page under "Older Women's Health."

Upcoming events/calls

Breast cancer and work: Why research and preventive action are needed

National conference: A Seniors Health Care Plan for Canada

National Conference on Tobacco or Health

Rainbow Health Ontario 2014


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novembre 2013

Chères et chers amis du RCSF,

Les organismes sans but lucratif et les ONG passent un mauvais quart d'heure au Canada. Au RCSF, nous avons réussi à maintenir nos activités malgré la réduction de notre financement que nous avons subie en début d'année. Nous avons dû réduire considérablement notre personnel et nous travaillons surtout à partir de nos bureaux à la maison et moins de notre secrétariat de longue date à Winnipeg. Nous continuons à ajouter du contenu à notre site. Nous planifions une nouvelle activité sur les filles, les femmes et l'alcool, et entreprenons un projet de recherche intéressant sur cette question. Nous partageons des renseignements et des nouvelles au sujet de la santé des... Lisez la suite.


La santé des femmes âgées

Nous avons ajouté sur notre site web une série de FAQ autour du thème « Ce que veulent les femmes âgées ». On y trouvera des ressources approfondies sous les rubriques Faire de l'exercice pour vieillir en santé, Qu'est-ce que l'incontinence urinaire ? et La Perte de mémoire. Ces FAQ visent deux publics différents : le grand public et les professionnelles et professionnels de la santé. Trouver les FAQ ici sous le titre  "La santé des femmes âgées."

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