About the Group
About the Facilitator
Dream Catcher
As dream practitioners, 
our job is to help participants
discover for themselves what their dream images mean. 
As a result, dreamers have an opportunity to develop the ability to rely on themselves for information and clues for making decisions and problem solving. 
Dreams can provide participants with important information that can assist them in becoming more healthy and whole.  
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Rick Bouchard and Jeanne Fiorini
join forces once again, this time to offer
a unique approach to dreams (using the Tarot) and the Tarot (using dreams).
                  BY SEPTEMBER 15th.
This 10-week Tarot-Dream group provides members with an intimate, confidential, and safe setting to The Sun card from the Rider-Waite Tarot, U.S. Games explore and work with dreams utilizing the symbols of the Tarot. 
Portland Maine

DATES: Tuesday 
October 1st is Orientation Night, followed by three meetings in October, and meetings on the first three Tuesdays of November and December.

 6:30 pm -- 8:30 pm
**This group is limited to eight members**

Group is on a sliding scale from $40-$60 for each two hour group.   A variety of payment sources are accepted, including:  self-pay, many commercial insurances, MaineCare, and other third party reimbursement.  

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About the Group


Who:   Individuals interested in the Tarot and dream work, willing to be a part of an ongoing, closed, confidential dream group.  Familiarity with the Tarot and dreams are helpful, but not a requirement.  


When:    10 Tuesday evenings
               between October 1st and December 17th
               6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  


Where:     222 St. John Street, in Portland


The Moon card from the Rider-Waite Tarot, U.S. Games  
Cost:     Group is on a sliding scale from $40-$60 for each two hour group.   A variety of payment sources are accepted, including:  self-pay, many commercial insurances, MaineCare, and other third party reimbursement.  


Length of Group:     Members make an initial ten-week commitment to this closed group.  Members can either remain in group for just that ten-week cycle or renew their commitment for a new ten week session.  New members can join when there are openings in the next cycle of ten weeks. This group is limited to eight members.


Process to apply for group:     Interested individuals simply contact Rick Bouchard, who will schedule an interview to discuss the group, its expectations and the application process.  This maintains the integrity and confidentiality of the group.  


This is a confidential, closed and ongoing psychotherapy group working with dreams through the Tarot.

About the Facilitators:
Rick Bouchard, LCSW, has been in private practice in Portland, Maine since 1999, working with adolescents and adults.  He offers individual, family and couple's psychotherapy, Jungian analysis as an analyst-in-training, Tarot workshops, a variety of other professional workshops and this ongoing dream group.
Rick 2012
He works with a variety of mental health and substance abuse issues, including: parenting, depression, anxiety, OCD, HIV/AIDS, death/dying/grief, issues of sexual orientation, gender, and transgender/transsexual issues.  
Rick is a Diploma Candidate in Stage Two of the Jungian Analyst Training Program at the C.G. Jung Institute, Boston, Mass..

He has studied with various Tarotists and dream workers providing him with a broad eclectic education and approach to the Tarot and dream work.  He remains a committed dreamer and professional Tarot reader himself.  He is currently working on his thesis on The Use of Tarot in Jungian Analysis. 

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Jeanne Fiorini brings over 20 years of experience to her work as a Tarot practitioner, teacher, and author, offering a unique blend of knowledge, wisdom, and wit.  She has worked with dream imagery with groups and individuals,Jeanne Fiorini May 13 is creator of a popular series of Tarot Tips videos on YouTube, and is a returning presenter of Tarot classes and workshops at the C.G. Jung Center in Brunswick, Maine. Jeanne's book, Tarot Spreads and Layouts/A User's Manual, has been proclaimed an "instant classic" by the Tarot community. Her complete series of instructional Tarot videos is available on the TarotWorks website.

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Dreams are one reliable link we have to the "unconscious."  When properly interpreted, dreams can tell us more about who we are, what we need, and where we are going.
Contact Information:
Rick Bouchard, LCSW
Private Practitioner
Diploma Candidate, C.G. Jung Institute, Boston, Mass.
222 St. John Street,  Suite 246
Portland, Maine  04102

Ph.  207-650-6450
Fax:  207-347-3510