ELEAGUE Launches From State-of-the-Art Studio

Groundbreaking 'mobilator' utilizes automation technology

Turner Studios' new ELEAGUE arena hosts a live studio audience, features a ceiling mounted 360-degree camera, 25,000 square feet of LEDs, and a state-of-the-art automated judges platform that travels through the audience and rotates 180

ACS introduced a new approach to the mobile judge desk control scheme, incorporating a combination of technologies usually found in complex industrial automation machinery.

SensoPart Optical Sensors

Application video resource library

ACS is pleased to announce the addition of SensoPart optoelectronic sensors for factory automation. They also offer inductive, capacitive and ultrasonic sensors. SensoPart products are used in automotive, machine construction, electronics and solar industries, as well as food and pharmaceutical. 

Their Video Resource Library showing various application possibilities for their array ofproducts including:
  • Monitoring electronic trays
  • Fill level detection
  • Checking injection-moulded p[kp]
  • Step-by-step training videos

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