Borg Warner Finds the Right Mix of
Complete Part Traceability

Tracking 3.5 million products

Some 3.5 million turbochargers a year leave the BorgWarner Turbo Systems production plant every year. More than 2,000 staff look after products, markets and development. An innovative team of specialists first launched their data traceability project with the aim of tracking data using core assembly coding.

By deploying the DataMan� ID Readers as well as the In-Sight� vision systems from Cognex, Borg Warner Turbo Systems in Germany took the quality control of their turbocharger production in a new direction. 

Super Sized Dome Light Improves Rim Inspections

Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Metaphase Technologies has the world's largest range of types and sizes of LED illuminators.  One of our system integration partners, Josh Haag, President of Essential Robotic Products, came to Metaphase for the challenging application of sorting large cast aluminum wheels for cars and truck at rate of 1200 wheels per hour.   Due to its various 3-d features and highly reflective surfaces, this is normally a very difficult part to illuminate.   

The solution was a large (915mm) Metaphase Lambertian style LED illuminator, MB-DL906 LED dome light.   This type of illuminator provides multidirectional illumination to the wheel surface resulting in a very homogenous and non-specular (glare free) image, which is essential to a robust, machine vision system

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