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Cognex Machine Vision
In-Sight 7000 Vision System 
Get the benefits of autofocus, flexible lighting and smart tools 
The completely integrated In-Sight´┐Ż 7000 feature autofocus, fast image capture, integrated lighting and lens with powerful vision tools for inspection, color, OCR applications and more. You can also power and control a range of external lighting - all in a compact, industrial IP67 package.

Integrated autofocus - For production situations requiring regular part changes
Integrated illumination - Field-replaceable lighting
Intuitive EasyBuilder´┐Ż user interface - Easy to use program solutions for your vision applications

80/20 Black Anodized Profiles and Parts
Low reflective and sophisticated finish - IN STOCK
80/20 has expanded their stock of black anodized profiles. With over 1,000 items in the black anodize line, 80/20 makes it easy to design your custom project. Choose from architectural or organic anodizing processes; both meet Military Spec 8625.

Black anodize is ideal for low reflective projects, photo booths, military applications and vision systems. It adds a sleek look to any project and is commonly used in furniture and displays because of its aesthetic appearance.

By stocking these materials and machining them AFTER the anodize process, we can offer significant savings and faster turnaround times.

Epson LS Series SCARA Robots
High performance at a low price
Watch application video
Epson LS high performance, low cost SCARA robots are perfect for factories looking for maximum value without giving up performance. 
When price/performance is critical the LS is the robot of choice, combined with our low cost, high performance RC90 Controller that provides the ultimate experience in ease of use and reliability all at an incredibly low price.  

LS3 SCARA arms come with a 400mm arm length and LS6 SCARA arms come with a 600mm arm length and ISO 4 Clean models are available for both sizes.
Gocator 2880 - Twice as Smart
The first all-in-one 3D profile sensor with dual cameras
The Gocator 2880 is a highly networkable scanner, featuring an all new built-in dual camera design that provides fast and complete data acquisition for large surface areas with irregular shapes and textures. And, the Gocator 2280's compact IP67-rated industrial housing means it has a small footprint and durable frame, making it easy to fit into existing systems and an ideal quality control solution. 

Gocator's simple and flexible design enables factories to reduce costs and maximize profitability by improving efficiencies in product validation. With its built-in dual cameras, the sensor can create complete scans of large objects with complicated shapes.

groov Box Create its Own WiFi Network
Access mobile interfaces virtually anywhere
Here's a cool new feature for your groov Box, available now: you can create your own private groov WiFi network with WPA2-PSK security. So even if there's no wireless network available, when you're close to the groov Box you can still connect your mobile device to groov.

SoftAP can be used by any WiFi-capable device-phone, tablet, laptop, or anything else that uses WiFi. Your groov Box can also be connected to an Ethernet network (or two); the SoftAP network is separate from any existing network. Here's a cool new feature for your groov Box, available now: you can create your own private groovWiFi network with WPA2-PSK security.
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