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Employee Spotlight
Scott Simpson, Account Manager

This month we meet Scott in North East Tennessee.
Scott is technically savvy, well traveled, and apparently quite the dog lover.

Cognex Machine Vision
Cognex Machine Vision Workshops
4 Dates and Locations 
Join us for 4 Machine Vision Seminar to learn detailed information about machine vision basics. We will explore how Cognex can be used in your operation. Real world solutions and demonstrations will be shown.
Cognex Training

November 4th, Marietta, GA               Click here to register

November 10th, Johnson City, TN      Click here to register

November 11th, Knoxville, TN            Click here to register

November 12th, Cleveland, TN           Click here to register

Ultra Compact 3D Smart Snapshot Sensor
Designed for robot-mounted, full inline inspection
Featuring a lightweight, ultra compact body that is half the size of the Gocator 3110 model, LMI's newest 3D snapshot sensor is designed for assembly line builders who need to perform robot-mounted and fixed frame inline 3D scanning and inspection of stationary targets.
The Gocator 3109 scans with high-resolution and speed while maintaining the smallest footprint of any blue LED projection scanner on the market. It measures just 49 x 100 x 155 mm -- almost half the size of the Gocator 3110 -- and weighs less than 1.5 kg.   Gocator 3109 communicates directly to PLCs/robots, resulting in fewer hardware components and fewer configuration details for setup and maintenance. 
LMI's latest 3D snapshot sensor comes factory pre-calibrated so users can set it up quickly and produce results out-of-the-box. No need for on-site calibration or maintenance significantly reduces system setup times.
LE Series Linear "Everything" Light
MULTI-DRIVE Technology
The new LE Series of sealed lights offer a rugged IP65 rated housing and "MULTI-DRIVE Technology.  This allows the light to operate in continuous on, strobe, or OverDrive strobe modes.  The sealed aluminum housing design allows for maximum heat dissipation and ventilation for pressure equalization while providing drip & splash protection.  
The LE Series of lights offers the ultimate level of versatility, performance, and looks all utilizing Smart Vision Lights latest integrated LED driver technology.  
  • Sealed to IP65 standards
  • Driver Built In Eliminates External Wiring 
  • NPN or PNP Signal Options
  • Continuous Operation or Strobe Mode Built In
  • Industry Standard 5-Pin M12 connector
  • Drip Proof / Splash Proof
Murr ElektronicMVP12 Steel
IP69k Stainless steel distribution box
Murrelektronik's MVP12 Steel distribution boxes have an IP69K rated stainless steel housing which is easy to clean with no grooves or other small spaces where mold or bacteria can collect. They are an excellent choice for implementing decentralized installations for the food and beverage industry. They replace terminal boxes and make the routing of extremely complex cables easier.
To go along with the MVP12 Steel distribution boxes, Murrelektronik offers M12 Steel connectors that are also fully potted and made of corrosion resistant stainless steel.
  • Resistant and Functional
  • IP69k Rating
  • Closed stainless steel housing and V4A screw thread bolts
  • Cables made from FDA compliant material
  • LEDs at the port
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